Build stronger customer relationships and automate interactions using ActiveCampaign forms

When someone actively fills out a form, that’s a good sign that they are incredibly engaged. Why else would they take time and volunteer information about themselves? That’s a great time to follow up with content, an email, or even direct outreach from someone on your team to ensure they stay engaged. Better yet, follow up with a highly relevant message that resonates so they see that you understand their wants and needs. But how do you know what they care about? How can you be certain that the message will resonate with them? 

Forms that gather crucial information and grow your business

Through ActiveCampaign forms, you can turn leads into valuable customers and automate their customer experience across web, email, or even social channels. Gather crucial information and use that info to engage them across their journey and to demonstrate an understanding of each person. With customer experience automation, you can also deliver the right message at the right time, depending on the information they provide.


By using ActiveCampaign’s CXA platform to manage your forms, not only will you be able to acquire more meaningful data from your audience, but you’ll be able to then act on it better than ever. Let’s say a website visitor wants to download some gated content or sign up for a newsletter, you might include basic information on that form like their name, email, and phone number. But let’s say your purpose was to collect even more info on another form, you don’t have to stop with basic demographics. Use custom fields to gather more info like what products they’re interested in, where they work, or if they want to sign up for an intro meeting. This way, they still get the great content they are searching for, and you have a deeper understanding of who they are so you can act with confidence.


From that form submission, you can then kick off multi-step automation workflows that will update their contact record, send a follow up email, or even move their deal along a pipeline in the CRM. Depending on the way you run your business and what information is important to you, forms have the ability to grow your business automatically while you are focusing on other innovation or actually communicating with customers. 

Forms now support standard and custom account fields

Recently, we released the ability to add standard and custom account fields onto any ActiveCampaign form, allowing for even more customization and data collection. If your business deals with account-level information, this enhancement is great so you can collect even more information in a given form, leading to hyper personalized interactions and a more robust account profile. 

You can either add a field from the list of provided standard fields, or include any custom account field you use across the platform, depending on the use case of the form. For some forms you might ask for details about their company such as the number of employees, or their URL, even their revenue, whatever is most important to your sales process. 

Pendo Account fields in forms 1

Connect forms across the rest of the ActiveCampaign platform

Just like forms, Pages from ActiveCampaign give you the power to engage segments of your audience with relevant information and content. The best part? You can easily add a form to a landing page using the drag and drop builder. We also offer dozens of Pages templates so you can spin up a high-converting, branded page that will inspire your customers to act. 

Inline Forms Body

Other than landing pages, you can leverage email marketing to communicate with leads after they submit a form to capitalize on their most engaged time. Set up an automation to send a follow up email, or kick off a nurturing email series, both of which will contain relevant content that you know the visitor will resonate with. 

05 Custom Objects in Forms

Do you use tools other than ActiveCampaign in your everyday life? With ActiveCampaign’s 800+ integrations, you can easily connect forms to any 3rd party tool you use to engage with customers. Also using custom objects with forms allows you to do things like book demos and connect to Calendly, identifying what type of meeting they’re looking for, saving your sales team time and giving the customer a much better experience. 

Ready to give it a try for yourself?

No matter where you are in your own journey of using CXA, you can get started quickly and easily by introducing forms to your everyday engagement. Start by adding a form to your site, and kickoff a basic follow up email upon submission. From there, you can grow and scale as you need, and introduce customizations that demonstrate a true understanding of each individual customer. Ready to get started? Learn more about forms in our help center, or start your free trial today! 

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