How to Build Simple Automations

How to Build Simple Automations

Our automation builder is a flexible tool that can help you automate even the most complex business processes—but that doesn’t mean your automations should be complex too.

In fact we recommend just the opposite: Keep your automations simple!

An automation should execute just one task or process. If you’re building out a larger process, you can build a series of connected automations that work together to complete the process.

Why build simple automations?

Simple automations are easier to manage.

Have you ever tried to troubleshoot an automation that’s not working the way you intended?

Have you ever needed to manually drop a contact into an automation at a specific point?

When you keep your automations simple and straightforward, it’s much easier to troubleshoot an automation that serves one function, rather than one that’s doing the work of three automations.. It’s also easier to determine exactly where your contact’s journey should begin.

To learn more, read our guide to automation building best practices.

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