Build better landing pages with confidence

Build better landing pages with confidence

When you build a landing page that’s backed by ActiveCampaign’s powerful CXA platform, you can share key information about your business, aim to convert customers through a purchase, or simply engage visitors across their buying journey. 

ActiveCampaign Pages has seen a lot of exciting updates over the last few weeks, with a specific focus on demonstrating a faster time to value for your business, and an emphasis on publishing updates with confidence. Some of the latest improvements are: 

  • New Pages Templates
  • New Button Actions
  • Improved Publishing Workflow

New Pages Templates 

Need to spin up a landing page quickly but want some inspiration to get the wheels turning? Check out the newest additions to the Pages Template Library within your account. Not only are there new templates, but they are specific to B2B and Ecommerce companies so you can personalize the page within minutes.

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New templates are now available, with more coming soon!

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to make beautiful landing pages that convert. With these new templates, you can continue to gather crucial customer information and continue to serve up great customer experiences without spending hours crafting a landing page from scratch. The added suggestive copy helps you throughout the creation process by giving tips on what content to include where to drive the most conversions. 

New Button Actions

The purpose of one landing page may be different than another, so we added some new actions that can occur after a visitor engages with a call to action (CTA) button. When adding a button to your landing pages, you can select from two new button actions: “Send Email” and “Call Phone.” This allows you to further engage with visitors after they’ve shown interest in your products or services.

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New button actions are now available on Pages

Publish Pages With Confidence

Once a page is published, it might be necessary to continually make updates or minor tweaks as you track its performance and conversion rates. To make it as clear and easy as possible, we updated some parts of the publishing process so you always know what changes are live.

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Clearly see when updates are made and the latest version is published

Now, you will see a pop up banner appear letting you know that the changes were successfully published. Also, when you make changes to a published page, you will notice the “Publish changes” button will be grayed out, indicating that the most up-to-date version of the landing page is now live. No matter how big or small your changes are, you will know with certainty that they are now live on your site. 

Adding well-designed, high-converting content to your website helps ensure your customers are engaged before, during, and after the point of purchase. Through ActiveCampaign Pages, you’re able to deliver great experiences to them across multiple channels. There are more updates coming, so keep an eye out! 

Want to learn more about these Pages updates? Head over to your account and get building, or request a demo if you do not have access.

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