Bring Your Digital Strategy In-store with ActiveCampaign and Managed Wi-Fi Marketing

Bring Your Digital Strategy In-store with ActiveCampaign and Managed Wi-Fi Marketing

This is a contributed post by DragNFly Wireless, an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant.

It’s the end of the night, and you’re looking towards the door when you see the fishbowl full of business cards that need to be entered in your mailing list.

Wouldn’t it be a dream if every guest that wanted to sign up could have their email entered automatically and receive a welcome email all while they’re still in the store?

Well, guess what – dreams do come true. You already do this on your website and now you can also do it in your store with Wi-Fi marketing!

How do you bridge the gap between online and in-store?

One of our blog posts goes over several great software tools for email collection. These tools are a great way to interact with your online customers, but what about everyone else?

How do you include in-store customers in your email communications?

E-commerce is an integral part of any marketing strategy, but you can’t ignore the brick-and-mortar shoppers in your business. Anywhere from 64-90% of retail sales happen in-store.

So how can you effectively merge your online and in-store marketing strategies to keep relevant communication channels open with your customers?

As with e-commerce, the first step to an in-store email marketing program is email collection.

For decades, the fishbowl strategy or hand-written membership cards have been the standard, but these methods are time-consuming and prone to errors.

You can spend several minutes trying to decipher the scribbled address on a sign-up form only to find that the address you think you read is invalid. And even if it’s written clearly, it takes time to enter all that information.

This is where Wi-Fi can help.
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Even if written clearly, it takes time to enter all of that information.

Instead of printing out a stack of sign-up forms, you can present an email sign-up form on your Wi-Fi.

How does Wi-Fi marketing work?

Did you know that two-thirds of in-store customers use their smartphone to compare products and pricing before making a purchase?

And every one of them can easily be added to your marketing database with one simple request:

Asking them for an email address in exchange for Wi-Fi access.

Instead of you manually entering all of the collected addresses into your list at the end of the day, your guests can easily and automatically sign up for your mailing list via Wi-Fi to receive specials and insider news.

You can further leverage technology to verify each email address that is entered. Your Wi-Fi platform can check every address entered to ensure that the domain is a valid mail server and that the address meets the mail domain’s rules.

If a typo is detected, like “gmial” instead of “Gmail,” the correct spelling will be suggested. This makes it easy for your customers to enter their information and creates a functional list for you, cutting down on bounces in your campaigns.

Combine customer experiences with ActiveCampaign and managed Wi-Fi

It’s easy to think of online shoppers and in-store shoppers as completely different groups, each with a different marketing strategy, but there is more overlap than you think.

  • Half of shoppers say that they look at products in-store then buy them online
  • At the same time, two-thirds of shoppers say they research products online before buying them in-store.

If you treat these groups as separate segments, you lose an integral link in the buying experience.

Using ActiveCampaign with a Wi-Fi platform allows you to combine your e-commerce information with in-store shopper behavior to provide a seamless omnichannel experience.

With an omnichannel marketing plan, you can learn more about your shoppers to send them relevant, timely information and avoid overloading them with messaging.

Last month, I looked up a pair of jeans and a new polo shirt online, but I wanted to feel the material in person before I bought them. I added them to my online cart to remember the ones I liked, then left for the store.

When I was in the store, I joined their Wi-Fi, pulled up my online cart, and found the clothes. After I tried them on, I brought them to the counter and purchased them.

However, I did not remove them from my online cart, so a week later, I received an abandoned cart email containing the items that I’d already purchased.

Just another in a pile of irrelevant emails cluttering my inbox. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

vk393anxq image2019 02 22at1.19.13pmYou can tag in-store visits using integrations with your Wi-Fi and avoid sending unnecessary emails after the fact.

If the store had connected their Wi-Fi, they could have asked for my email (or remembered my device if I’d been in-store before), connected it to my contact that already exists in ActiveCampaign, and triggered an abandoned cart style email while I was in the store.
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ActiveCampaign does the hard work for both you and me. Now I don’t have to navigate back to my cart because the information I need is right there and you know that I was in the store after looking online. Your standard abandoned cart email can still be sent, but send it with messaging changed to reflect the knowledge that I was already in the store.
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With this email, you are still engaging with the customer after their store visit. If they bought the item, you can tag them to receive a complementary goods campaign. And if they haven’t purchased yet, you can continue your abandoned cart campaign.

Once you’ve connected your in-store and e-commerce experiences, you can begin to track the behavior of your customers as they go through the different business channels to achieve better segmentation and focus your messaging.

Taking an omnichannel approach means that you’re not leaving any customers behind in your digital strategy and gives you the chance to better understand how your business is adapting to the changing world of retail.

DragNFly Wireless specializes in providing managed guest Wi-Fi to stores, restaurants, fairs, and more. Their platform has been built on over 15 years of guest Wi-Fi experience and helps turn Wi-Fi into a profit center. Find out more by visiting their website.

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