6 Tips to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

6 Tips to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

Tips to boost conversion rates of landing pages
Creating a landing page with a high conversion rate– meaning your landing page turns visitors into leads or customers more often than not– can be a tough gig. In a world of clicks, taps, and digital distractions, we only have a few seconds to make a big impression.
While there’s no definitive field manual on the creating the perfect landing page, in this article I’ve outlined six tips that will get you on the path to success.

1.) Make your headline shine

Start with a powerful headline. The best headlines are usually short. In fact, as the folks at Kissmetrics say, “a mere 6 to 12 words stand between you and a higher click-thru rate, a higher task completion rate, and even a higher conversion rate.”
So when writing your headline, be sure to immediately let the visitor know what they can expect on the page, whether it’s a download, product, or service.
Headlines can be sophisticated or cheeky, as long as they’re short, descriptive, and not hyperbolic. Here are some headline examples that use this formula:

    • Get My List: Free Tools I Use to Earn a Passive Income
    • How to 10x Your SEO Traffic
    • Is it Time to Rebrand?
    • 101 Tips for Instagram
  • Networking Tips for People Who Hate People

A great headline should pique the attention of the visitor and offer an immediate promise or value.

2.) Don’t forget the subhead

If the headline is your opener, then the subhead is your closer. This is your chance to let the visitor know a little bit more about what you are offering.
Here are the five headlines I shared above, with the addition of appropriate subheads:

Get My List: Free Tools I Use to Earn a Passive Income
Download the essential list of tools I used to to grow and nurture my recurring revenue business.
How to 10x Your SEO Traffic
Find out the THREE THINGS you can do today to increase your SEO rankings.
Is it Time to Rebrand?
Take our quiz to find out if your brand needs a refresh, a rebrand, or a relaunch.
101 Tips for Instagram
Stuck in social media hell? Download these tips and take control today.
Networking Tips for People Who Hate People
The free course for die-hard introverts.

The subhead, though still quite short, offers a more descriptive look at what you’re offering.

3.) Convey emotion through images

Offering a picture of your product or service is pretty much a requirement for most landing pages these days. Here’s why: According to research conducted by 3M, the brain processes images almost 60,000x faster than text.
If you’re offering a digital download, create a mockup to feature on the landing page.
If you want people to sign up for a webinar or class, generate and feature a screencap of the webinar.
If you’re selling a service, make sure the images are relevant, professional, and royalty-free. Photography sites like Pexels and Unsplash may be useful resources to check out.

4.) Answer the unanswered questions

Your landing page copy should speak to the psychopathy of purchase decisions; why people purchase, not just what they are purchasing.
Let’s take a look at a section of a typical ActiveCampaign landing page as an example. This one in particular talks about making data-based decisions:
ActiveCampaign landing page example
The features and benefits are front and center. This section lists 3 things to expect from the the product–which sets the visitor’s expectations–and answers the question, “what’s in it for me?”
Anticipate your own visitor’s questions when adding copy to your landing page, and let those questions serve as your guiding light.

5.) Highlight and repeat your call-to-action

Let’s be honest, if a visitor can’t find or identify where to click next, all is these tips are moot. Your call-to-action needs to stand out throughout the page. Here are three ways to make it happen:

Use a contrasting color for the button – There’s a reason Amazon uses yellow for their main button colors. It stands out from the other elements on the page.
Use action words – This isn’t a time to be passive. Use phrases like “Book Your Free Consultation Today” or “Access the Resource Library,” to incite action from the visitor. Stay away from boring single words like “Submit” or “Download.”
Personalize when possible – The “what’s in it for me?” question is a powerful one from a website visitor, and using personal pronouns can help them take action. “Download My Report Now,” or “Send Me the List,” are just a few examples of personalization.

6.) Test everything

One thing that conversion optimization experts and growth marketers share is a deep appreciation for testing. After all, that’s the best way to know what’s working, and what needs to be fixed.
On the landing pages we build, we test everything from headlines to images to form layouts and more. The things you can test are limitless.
It’s only through testing that we gain key data to use towards future improvements. And thankfully, most landing page builders– like Unbounce– offer an easy way to set up and analyze test results.
Just be sure to use statistically significant testing methods so that you can trust your results. And also, have a process in place–like Sean Ellis’ ICE Framework–that helps you prioritize which tests to run next.
With limited time, budget, and traffic, it’s important to test the things that have the best chance of making a big impact first.

Ready, set, go!

Obviously there is a lot more to landing page optimization that what I’ve covered above. But these six tips will help you hit the ground running so that you can create dynamic landing pages with the opportunity for higher conversion rates.

Nicholas is an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant and the founder of Earnworthy. His consultancy specializes in helping businesses turn more website visitors into customers, through landing page design, A/B testing, and conversion optimization services. Nicholas is also the host of Growth Marketing Toolbox, a weekly podcast exploring the greatest growth marketing tools and technology.

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