Bobber Marketing works with local businesses to improve marketing and sales funnels and increase return on investment. In particular, Bobber helps clients manage their email marketing and lead generation.

As a marketing agency, Bobber works in a fast-paced industry. Time is at a premium, and Bobber needed a fast, scalable platform that helped them track results for their clients.

The challenge: Integration and time

Marketing agencies move fast. And a business focused on automation and lead generation has a lot of different software that needs to work together.

Bobber needed a marketing platform that could integrate well with their other software. They needed to be able to set up time-saving automations.

And, crucially, they needed a lightning fast support team—so that any questions could be dealt with quickly.

The answer: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign integrates with over 150 different apps, which makes it easy for Bobber Marketing to incorporate it alongside other software.

And as a powerful marketing automation platform, ActiveCampaign has massive time-saving potential for client-facing account managers.

When customers submit forms and contact requests, ActiveCampaign can automatically notify account managers (who can then follow up in their own time). When a contact starts completing a form but doesn’t finish, automated email reminders can remind them to come back later.

Automating a high number of small, everyday processes can save a ton of time for everyone in a business. When account managers don’t need to manage 1,000 little logistical tasks, they’re free to focus on what matters—customers.

Along with the platform itself, ActiveCampaign’s support is top-notch.

Bobber account managers can’t afford to wait around for answers that their clients need right away.

With email support, live chat, help documentation, and one-on-one training, ActiveCampaign makes it easy to get answers fast.
ActiveCampaign Help Center

The results: More time and trackable ROI

“The biggest thing with ActiveCampaign is that you’ve got a great support team behind you. Every time there’s any sort of question you can shoot them an email, they’ll answer you right away, and there’s very little lag time.” – Daniel Pesis, Founder

Bobber uses ActiveCampaign to notify account managers when a customer signs up for their user portal.

This helps the Bobber team stay on top of all customer activity—and saves a ton of time compared to tracking each action manually.

Bobber is even working on building a product based on ActiveCampaign. Because of ActiveCampaign’s ease of use, the platform can be extremely helpful to sales teams.

Bobber plans to use ActiveCampaign to help sales teams automate SDR work, offer upsells, create follow-up sequences, and drive positive ROI.