Stellar Black Friday Marketing Campaign Ideas for 2022

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Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days for ecommerce sites, along with Cyber Monday. If you’re planning your Black Friday marketing campaigns, know that offering huge discounts and hot promotions are table stakes. Every store will be offering its best sales of the year.

To make your Black Friday campaigns stand out in 2022, you need great creatives, pinpoint targeting, and relevant personalization. Here are some of the most stellar Black Friday campaigns we’ve seen around the web.

Black Friday social media campaigns that stand out

More and more businesses are selling on social media. According to Statista, in 2021, 8 in 10 US businesses anticipate selling on social media. With that much competition, it’s critical that your campaigns stand out.

Check out the following examples of excellent Black Friday social media campaigns.

Use urgency: Thinkific on Instagram

Thinkific is a platform that helps you create and sell online courses. Their social media posts set a fantastic example of promoting their Black Friday offers in advance and letting the urgency build up as the sale gets closer to ending. 

ThinkificGIF 2

They announce their biggest deal of the year early with a launch bundle that does a great job of highlighting the value and savings. Also, note how they write the caption. They use short sentences, line breaks, and emoji bullets to make the offer easy to skim and understand.


Their second promotional post is on Black Friday. They push the urgency with a CTA letting people know that the offer is almost gone. The copy here is shorter and gets to the point. This is aimed at people who already know the product and only need to know what the offer entails.

Last Black Friday Instagram post from Thinkific

Then, on Cyber Monday, they extend their Black Friday offer but set a hard deadline with a bonus to entice any remaining prospects holding out for Cyber Monday. Last-minute deadline bonuses can be a great motivator for extra sales in the home stretch.

Leverage user-generated content: Whole30 on Facebook

Screen Shot 2022 09 15 at 5.00.58 PM 

ActiveCampaign customer, Whole30, is a diet program that helps people switch to healthier diets in 30 days. In one of their social posts during Black Friday, they shared a customer video highlighting a sale of their dressing. 

Whole30 Black Friday Post on Facebook

This is a great social media ad because of a few things:

  • It shows that real people love their products.
  • The copy highlights that these rarely go on sale.
  • It promotes a bonus item for spending $60 or more.

These are great tactics to try if you have a strong community and fans that love your product.

Get creative with your target market: Code Camp on Facebook

Code Camp Black Friday Ad

Another ActiveCampaign customer, Code Camp, is a holiday and after-school program for kids to get creative with technology. While their Black Friday offer is simple, the creative is what makes them stand out. Lots of bold colors and graphics highlight the activities in their programs. 

In addition, their target market is kids, so they made that the largest element. And they’re looking directly at you! So if you’re a parent looking to save on an after-school program, you’d definitely want to check this out.

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Presell your sale: Hipcooks on Facebook

Build hype around your Black Friday deals by getting people to sign up for your newsletter. Hipcooks (an ActiveCampaign user) informed their followers that they’d be sharing their Black Friday deals in their email newsletter.

Hipcooks Facebook post

This is a great way to get people on your email list to buy as soon as your sale goes live. You can also use these ads to generate leads by offering early access to upcoming deals in exchange for their email address.

Black Friday email campaign ideas that grab attention

Email strategy is at the core of many great marketing campaigns because it remains a highly effective channel. According to Shopify, email marketing has the highest average order conversion rate compared to channels like direct mail, Google search, and social media.

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Use behavioral personalization: Dick’s

This Black Friday deals email from Dick’s Sporting Goods not only promotes their biggest sale of the year but also does a great job of personalization. In this promotional email, their target audience is golfers, so they made sure to include golf bags and a golf category to increase relevancy.

Black Friday email from Dick’s Sporting Goods

You can implement this with customer segmentation. Tag loyal customers based on their purchase history and use conditional content to personalize product recommendations.

Put your product front and center: Knockaround

Knockaround features a fantastic shot of one of their sunglasses in addition to beautiful graphics and a clear offer. This makes for a much more engaging visual when compared to seeing a shot of the sunglasses on their own. 

Black Friday email from Knockaround

Take a different approach: Thrive Themes 

Thrive Themes’ UnBlackFriday emai

Maybe Black Friday sales go against your business model. In this example, ActiveCampaign customer Thrive Themes shares their “UnBlackFriday” special. 

Instead of discounts during Black Friday, they give to Kiva, a micro-loan platform that supports entrepreneurs in poverty-stricken and under-developed areas.

If you never offer discounts, this is a great way to leverage the holiday shopping season while supporting a cause you believe in. 

Use GIFs to capture attention: Hulu

GIFs are a great way to add dynamic imagery to your emails. In this example, Hulu makes it clear within seconds what their Black Friday deal is with a neon sign-style GIF. 

Hulu’s email GIF for Black Friday

Are your email and social channels optimized?

As you can see, these brands didn’t just share their biggest sales. Their beautiful designs and creative copywriting make people pay attention. And if you combine that with smart targeting, relevant personalization, and knowing your audience, you can stand to make huge gains on Black Friday every year.

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