8 "Must Listen" Podcasts: The Best Podcasts for Marketers

Podcasts for marketing
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Duct Tape Marketing – John Jantsch

John’s marketing advice is eminently practical. He’s not trying to impress anyone with his technical knowledge, or trying to position himself as a thought-leader on top-secret online marketing strategies. He’s sincerely trying to give small businesses the marketing tools and information they need to grow and succeed. He’s focused on the fundamentals — tried and true techniques that are safe bets for businesses with limited time to devote to marketing.
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Unthinkable – Jay Acunzo

This podcast explores how to do exceptional creative work. It’s all about tapping into your intuition, trusting yourself, finding your inner voice, and other concepts that creatives may struggle with as they attempt to level up from “skilled and experienced” to “brilliant and revolutionary.” The premise is that our best work, our truly inspired work, comes from within and it’s possible to develop this ability. This podcast will encourage you to raise your standards and focus you on producing your best work. It isn’t a marketing podcast, per se, but Jay’s a marketer, so you’ll find that this podcast scratches your itch for marketing insight while helping you tap into your inner genius.
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Mixergy Startup Stories – Andrew Warner

Mixergy explores the specific strategies founders used to grow and succeed. This isn’t a podcast you want to listen to before bed. You’ll become so excited about whatever idea you’re working on that you won’t be able to sleep! Andrew’s podcast is different from others in that he pins founders down on the exact amount of revenue the business is generating. Knowing how the business is performing adds weight to the interview and how effective that growth strategy really is.
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Marketing Over Coffee – John Wall and Christopher Penn

John and Christopher been doing this podcast for over 10 years so it’s safe to say they’re doing something right. This podcast covers a wide-variety of marketing topics and is less focused on growth than a lot of the others covered here. Rather than interviewing high-profile marketers, it tends to be a discussion between the hosts on a topic related to marketing, though they do have the occasional interview.

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Growth Marketing Toolbox – Nicholas Scalice

ActiveCampaign certified consultant Nicholas Scalice’s podcast is unique in that he’s focused on the tools that founders, marketers, and creators are using to support their business and propel themselves forward. He has a good mixture of interviews ranging from well-known heavy hitters, like Sean Ellis, to lesser-known founders and business owners. This makes the podcast content very relatable to up-and-coming small businesses in comparison to other podcasts that feature high-profile companies generating tens of millions of dollars. He also covers a variety of businesses, so there’s a wide variety of tools being covered — from CMSs and SEO tools to social media management and  marketing automation.
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Growth Everywhere – Eric Siu

You’ll recognize many of the names on the guest list and it should give you some idea of the quality of content here: Noah Kagan, Neil Patel, John Lee Dumas, and many more. The podcast is focused on covering the latest in digital marketing and entrepreneurship with a focus on growth strategies and the story behind the success. Eric is a personable host with a knack for getting the interviewer to go into enough detail that the strategies feel within reach and very actionable.
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Freakonomics Radio – Stephen J Dubner

While the premise is “how behavioral economics and statistics explain fascinating trends we observe around us,” you’ll find that this podcast teaches you to look at the world in new ways that are often transferrable to your work. You might be learning about parenting, crime, or sports, but you can often find a way to relate it back to marketing. This makes sense, considering that behavioral economics as a field was born out of the work of psychologists, so you’re often exploring human nature itself… something every marketer should seek to understand.
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The ActiveCampaign Podcast – Chris Davis

Our Director of Education, Chris Davis, talks all things ActiveCampaign. As you’d expect, there’s a focus on marketing automation. He also interviews ActiveCampaign customers and dissects what is working for them, integration partners and talks about what functionality the integration opens up, and ActiveCampaign employees on their role and expertise. And, there’s the occasional monologue deep-dive into a strategy or feature that Chris believes will help ActiveCampaign customers succeed.

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