Best of the Blog: What You Cared About in 2017

As we close out 2017 and move forward to 2018, we have an opportunity to take a look back—at the most popular blog posts of 2017.
From marketing automation tips to the best chrome extensions, here are the 10 blog posts you liked most in 2017.

The 17 Best Chrome Extensions for Marketers – 2017

Whether you want to improve your writing, get more productive, do background research on prospects, or just download more chrome extensions—there’s an extension for that.
Google Chrome has quickly established itself as the most popular web browser, and that popularity has led to a variety of downloadable add-ons that can help marketers to do better work more efficiently.
Discover the best Chrome extensions for marketers.

How a Photographer Takes Back a Workday a Week with Marketing Automation

Generating and qualifying leads is a challenge for any business. Small business owners with a lot of demands on their time can’t afford to chase after leads that will never convert into customers.
Heather had lots of leads, but following up with “zombie leads” was taking up too much of her day. So she used two automations (that you can steal) to save 10 hours a week and free up time to work on other parts of her business.
Save time with automated lead generation.

One List vs Multiple Lists: The ActiveCampaign Experts Weigh in

“How many lists should I have” is one of the most-asked email marketing questions. In ActiveCampaign, there’s a lot of flexibility in how you organize your contacts. Should you have one list? Multiple lists? Multiple segmented lists with tags?
There’s no single correct method. But to help you find the right organization method for your business, we asked our community of email marketing and marketing automation experts for their thoughts on list management.
Organize your lists more effectively.

7 Powerful Ways to Tune Up Your Marketing

The ability to “set it and forget it” is a powerful benefit of marketing automation. But times change, your business changes, and it becomes time to update your outdated marketing.
That can mean split-testing old campaigns, refreshing your content, scoring leads, or finding new processes to automate. Regardless of the specific updates you make, tune-ups are a great way to spruce up your marketing, integrate the latest and greatest automation tools, and optimize your processes.
Update and optimize your marketing.

5 Essential Marketing Automation Tricks

What if you could make a little, five-minute tweak and increase the effectiveness of your automations forever?
As you build out more automations for your business, you might run into some niche uses. From editing live automations to increasing welcome email open rates, we put together five marketing automation tricks that can help make your automations more effective.
Create more effective automations.

12 Tips to Get Your Best Email Deliverability Ever

If you’re doing email marketing, it makes sense that you want as many people to engage with your emails as possible.
How can you prevent your emails from landing in spam folders? How can you increase your open and clickthrough rates? These 12 tips can increase your deliverability, improve your sender reputation, and make your email marketing more effective.
Improve your email deliverability.

What is Local SEO and How to Optimize Local SEO Effectively?

Local SEO can be a gamechanger for small businesses. Google results pages are targeted by location, and making sure you show up in search results is a startlingly effective way to bring in new customers.
SEO can get technical—but it doesn’t need to be difficult. There are a few simple steps you can take to help your business reach new audiences.
Optimize your website for local SEO.

8 New Automation Workflows for Deep Data Ecommerce Integrations

In the abstract, marketing automation is a useful tool that can help your business. But to really experience the benefits of marketing automation, it’s helpful to look at some examples.
This year we introduced several ecommerce integrations, and with those integrations came new automation opportunities. From abandoned cart reminders to thank you emails and post-purchase follow-up, here are eight automations you can use for your ecommerce business.
Automate your ecommerce business.

“Dear Marketer, Why Should I Choose You?”

What makes you different?
It’s easy to get caught up in a thousand different marketing tactics. But at the core, differentiation is the key to effective marketing. Differentiation lets you stop competing on price, create more value for customers, and make your marketing more compelling.
Make your marketing more compelling.

Ignore These 7 Common Marketing “Truths”

“Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”
“Focus on the benefits, not the features.”
“The more you tell, the more you sell.”
Someone says one of these in a meeting and everyone nods their head knowingly. These marketing truisms are held up as immutable laws that every good marketer understands and obeys.
The problem with these rules of thumb is that they’re oversimplified. They’re often misleading, easily misinterpreted, and, sometimes, flat out wrong.
Avoid misleading marketing advice.

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