New: Trigger Automations on Field Changes

We’ve added a new way to begin an automation bringing the total number of triggers to 17.
Now, when any default or custom field changes, you can begin automations to track & manage contacts, deliver automated follow-up, adjust contact & lead scores, and more.
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How it works…

After choosing “Field changes” as the trigger, you select the field you want to begin the automation:
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If you want the automation to run when the field changes, with no regard for a specific value, you select “changes ever.”
If you want the automation to run when the field is populated with a specific value, you select “changes to.” An input field will appear so you can define a specific value that should trigger the automation.
As with all our triggers, you are able to decide whether the automation runs once or runs multiple times but there is an additional option on this trigger. You can define whether it should run “when added,” “when updated,” or “when added or updated.”

What it’s useful for…

Usually custom fields are created to store important information. When those values change, it is often when you’d want to begin sequences of automated actions.
You could use a custom field to track whether a contact is engaged or disengaged. When they switch to disengaged, you could have a re-engagement campaign automatically begin.
You can identify your contact’s interests with a field on your forms that lets a contact select which product or service they are interested in. When that value changes, you could begin a targeted follow-up sequence that delivers content and offers related to their interest.
For a salesperson, this trigger is a real time-saver; while you have a contact on the phone you can update custom fields with information as you collect it. Those changes can then automatically begin sales and marketing follow-up with no other action on your part.

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