Since our Help Desk software now supports widgets (customizable content embedded within the software), we thought it wise to go ahead and create some useful widgets that connect to third-party applications, and can immediately be used.

We’ve started out with a widget for Basecamp – the project management and collaboration tool.
The Basecamp widget can be enabled for both the public and admin sections of our Help Desk software:

When enabled, you supply your Basecamp URL, the project components you’d like displayed, and where in the Help Desk software you’d like it to be shown:

Here is an example of the widget displayed on the public side startup page:

After a user logs in through the widget, they are able to choose the project and to-do list they’d like to access:

You can add and complete tasks directly through the widget:

This will remain in sync with the Basecamp interface:

Using the Basecamp widget allows you to take advantage of a powerful task management system from right within your Help Desk software! (For those not interested in Basecamp, we also have an internal task management system that also has widget support.)
To learn more about the Basecamp widget, please visit the extended section of our website.
If we can improve the Basecamp widget in any way, please let us know.