Automation Recipes: Prebuilt Workflows to Build On

We offer 16 triggers and 26 actions in our automation builder. That means there are 7,311,616 possible automations — and that’s just for a 5-step automation!

There are near limitless possibilities for what you can build by combining actions and triggers in innovative ways. When you factor in the flexibility of webhooks and Event Tracking, you’re limited by creativity and imagination more than anything else.

That open-ended flexibility has a downside for some people — it can create uncertainty:

  • Some people know that they can do a lot with it, but aren’t clear on exactly what.
  • Or, they have an idea of something they’d like to do, but don’t know how to create it with the automation builder.
  • Or, they have a nagging feeling there is a better way to accomplish something.


Introducing Automation Recipes:

Now, when you create a new automation, you’ll be presented with a menu of pre-assembled automation workflow recipes that you can use for inspiration, as a starting point, or put to use immediately in your business:

Automations are grouped together around business goals, so you can find automations to accomplish specific results you want to achieve:

  • Increase revenue
    • Prospect follow-up
    • Customer follow-up
  • Increate traffic
    • Increase referrals
    • Grow your community
  • Automate sales team
    • Automate sales funnel
    • Lead scoring
  • Boost contact satisfaction
    • Strengthen relationships
    • Customer support
  • Manage & track contacts
    • Contact scoring
    • Contact management
    • Track contacts
    • Apply interest tags

We have 24 automations available immediately and we’ll be adding more over time. If you have an idea for an automation that would be useful to you, let me know in the comments section.

This feature is part of the new Forms update so, if you have the new form builder, this feature will be showing up in your account soon. If you don’t have the Forms update and want this feature, logging into your account will give you the upgrade.

Using Recipes…

After you’ve selected an automation recipe by clicking on it, it is highlighted blue. When you click “Create,” that automation workflow is instantly added to your account.

The Import Wizard will take you through all the steps of customizing the automation to adapt it to your settings. For instance, it might ask you what email address you want emails to send from, or what tag it should look for at certain steps. After the import process is complete, you should go through and modify the content of any email templates.

And then you’re done. If you wanted to, you could make the automation active and you’ve got a newly automated component of your business in less than 10 minutes.

Note you can also mark favorites, so if you aren’t ready to implement something now, you can bookmark it and revisit it when it makes sense.

If you just want to create a blank automation, select “Start from Scratch.”


One More Big Announcement Coming Soon…

If pre-built automations interest you, you’ll want to pay attention here and on social. We’ve got an even bigger announcement coming soon… very similar to this one.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook using the links below so you’ll know when it’s released…

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  • You guys ROCK! I can’t believe how many changes you guys are doing to make this the best system in the market! Thanks :-) Keep up with the great work!

  • Edward Haskins

    When does this roll out? Not seeing it in any of my accounts.

    • Brian Gladu

      If you have the form builder update already, it will be coming soon. It’s part of that release.

      • If I understand correctly we’ll have to switch to the new form builder first… but doing that will mess up with our existing redirects in each of the forms? In that case I rather not switch to the new forms. When would I then get access to the recipes?

        • jvandeboom

          You will not lose your redirects.

    • Jesse

      BEWARE. If you get your account switched over to the new forms update, it will break your post-optin redirect URLs as configured inside the form settings…. you will have to go back in and define those exactly how you had them before for each form

      • jvandeboom

        That did occur earlier on for a couple specific accounts — but has since been resolved for all updates going forward.

  • Chasebros

    Wow guys honestly Active just keeps getting better and better! Im loving all the updates!

  • This proofs that you are the best email marketing service out there.

  • Very impressive guys, looking forward to using it :)

  • Just trying to access now , waiting for the support team to upgrade existing account . Look forward to seeing if you have what I need in there ……..

    • Me too! Stoked to check it out but it’s not there yet :)

      • Brian Gladu

        Have you submitted a request to the support team yet? Give them your account URL and let them know you want the form builder update. Just send an email to:

  • Naima

    Amazing. This is so helpful!! Can’t wait to put some of this into action.

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  • Daniel Pesis

    Wow. Thank. You.

  • Michelle Roberts

    You guys are awesome!

  • AC is getting better each day!

  • These latest improvements are superb, you are really taking the community feedback and adding serious value to your customers. It’s awesome, I’m enjoying using it more and more every day

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