Automation Recipes: Bigger, Better, Built for You

Automation Recipes: Bigger, Better, Built for You

Automation can handle the stuff that no one else has time for.

But what if you don’t even have time to set up automations? Or aren’t sure what to automate?

That’s why we built automation recipes—pre-built automations that you can import directly into your ActiveCampaign account.

Set-up takes just a few minutes, and that’s no exaggeration. When I tested the automation that tracks contact engagement, it took just 66 seconds to import.

What is an automation recipe?

Automation recipes are pre-built automation workflows designed to achieve a specific goal. That goal could be onboarding new customers, managing your contacts based on actions they take, identifying leads when they’re ready to purchase, or any number of other “gaps” in your customer experience.

Automation recipes are a huge head start, missing just one ingredient—you.

As a base for you to start from, automation recipes are customizable templates, that you can change to match your specific goals, business, and customers.

What kinds of stuff can you do with automation recipes?

We recently added a recipe that automatically sends a message every year on a contact’s subscription date. Here’s how different businesses might customize it:

  • A mechanic could tweak the automation to remind their contacts to come in for a check-up
  • A life coach could offer contacts the chance to attend a VIP, invite-only event
  • An ecommerce store could offer product refills or send announcements for recently released products

We provide the foundation. You make the automation yours.

What’s new with automation recipes?

We’ve recently updated and added 70+ new recipes to save you time and give you more inspiration for new automations you could be using to run your marketing processes more efficiently.

And we’re not stopping there. We will continue to release new recipes every few weeks, as well as always making sure our recipes continue to get updated and stay relevant.

Have an automation you love?

No discussion about automation recipes would be complete without also talking about our Automations Marketplace. People like you publish recipes that work for them in our Marketplace, so that others can share in the results.

Do you have an automation that helps save you time? It could probably benefit others as well!

Check out user submitted recipes here. Submit your own recipes here.

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