How the Power of Automation Enchanted a Marketing Agency and Their Clients

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This post has been contributed by obo. Agency, an account-based marketing firm outside of Baltimore, Maryland. They help businesses by providing both strategic sales and marketing advice.

As an account-based marketing firm, we at obo. Agency often recommend ActiveCampaign to our clients. Its simple and easy-to-use interface, along with its all-in-one functionality make it a no-brainer for most of the businesses we work with.

Pitching to clients

We’ve found ActiveCampaign to provide countless benefits for our clients. For example, sometimes we’re approached by clients who are having trouble managing the prospect-to-customer lifecycle. Typically this is because over-complicated systems are being put in front of inexperienced users—some of our clients have trouble navigating Facebook, let alone a CRM.
By implementing ActiveCampaign’s CRM, we’re able to utilize its intuitive design and interface so our clients can monitor and use deal flows with little to no experience (and a minor amount of training on our part). This ease of use helps clients visualize the prospect-to-customer lifecycle as well as keep track of leads, deals, and so on.
In the same vein, for clients who have difficulty creating and successfully sending email blasts (especially customized emails like newsletters or eblasts), we recommend HTML emails. Although our clients are sometimes intimidated when they hear “HTML”, we remind them that they don’t need to be familiar with HTML or CSS code to put them together. Who doesn’t love to drag and drop?
And of course, we love automations! Nearly every one of our clients benefits from the ability to set up automations on the back end to trigger once a contact moves deal stages. It painlessly replaces manual processes, allowing our clients to focus their time and effort on more important tasks like business development.
Lastly, when compared to other popular systems, the cost of ActiveCampaign is generally lower, and it’s easy to webhook information into other systems such as Salesforce, allowing for seamless data transfers and up-to-date communications across different systems.

Example client solutions

Let’s take a look at a few specific examples of the different ways that we utilize ActiveCampaign’s many features for our clients.
For an urban bartending school with dozens of students (and prospects) at any given time, we actively use automations. When interested students fill out a form on their website for more information or to sign up for a class, a specific automation will be triggered depending on which form they submitted.
The automations also send confirmation emails immediately after a form submission as well as reminder emails two days before their class takes place. The bartending school uses webhooks and Zapier to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce.
Another client, a commercial real estate firm, created automations to send time-based emails when their prospects or customers are coming up on their lease expiration dates.
In this case, we set up goal-driven automations based around a certain time before the prospect’s lease expiration, such as six months or three months (and so on); this way, contacts are pulled to the correct place in the automation so they receive the right email with corresponding copy.
Finally, we have completely taken over the back end process for another client, a cookbook publisher. When a customer wants a cookbook kit, they fill out a form and enter an automation.
Based on the form, users will receive different emails. After a certain time period (or period of inactivity), the contact will be moved into a re-engagement or nurture series workflow that is intended to remind customers about their products. In this instance, the entire process is automated–forms are created in ActiveCampaign, which then point to automations that begin the customer experience.

Closing thoughts

There are many reasons that we eagerly suggest ActiveCampaign for our clients: the capabilities are vast yet reliable, the interface is aesthetically pleasing yet functional, and resources explaining functions and solving issues are supportive and easily accessible.
We have also received very positive feedback from our clients who currently use the software. The reporting ActiveCampaign offers on campaigns, automations, and goals feature detailed and intuitive graphs, charts, and lists, allowing our clients to easily monitor and analyze their ever important marketing outreach efforts.
All that considered, with ActiveCampaign offering such great value and being so easy to use, why would you want any other marketing automation system?

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