Two More Improvements to the Automation Builder

See Where Your Contacts Are in an Automation

Last week we made the automation builder drag-and-drop, this week we’ve made it easy to see exactly where your contacts are in your automation workflows and how many contacts are in each Wait action.

A Wait action with contacts in it will display a Queue button with the number of contacts in parenthesis:

Clicking the Queue button will take you to the list of contacts in the Wait condition.

This feature makes it easier to decide how to handle editing a live automation. Now you know who, if anyone, will be affected when you move Wait actions from one location to another.

Copy Campaigns in Automations

Now, rather than creating a new campaign each time you send an email message in an automation, you simply copy it.

One more thing coming…

These two new features make building your automation workflows faster than ever.

But, some people don’t want to bother with building automations at all. They’d rather have an expert create their automations for them. That way they can be sure they are using best practices and that everything is configured correctly.

If that’s you, we’ve got another big announcement coming very soon. Subscribe to the blog and follow us on social with the links below so you’ll know the minute we announce it.

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  • AC is getting better every week! The best tool in the marketing for sure. Keep the great work guys! Thank you for making AC such a great tool!

    • Brian Gladu

      Thanks for your support, Marcelo. We’ve got an exciting year ahead of us…

  • AlenaStar

    Thanks guys! Do you have plans to update Batch Actions? It would be realy nice. Thanks for everything!

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Alena —

      You’re welcome! What would you like to see added to Batch Actions? Or how would you like to see it updated? I’ll check to see if we have an open feedback item along those lines.

  • guiavila

    Wow, that’s awesome. So glad I chose AC.

  • Ben

    The best! These are incredibly helpful updates. Thank you thank you.

  • declanr

    Just keeps on getting better and better.

  • Andre Gibran

    Wow! Amazing! You guys are awesome!

  • Rich F

    Do I have to do something to enable the “queue” button (See Where Your Contacts Are in an Automation feature) or are you doing a phased release of this feature? If phased release, it would be good to know when and how long it will take to be added to my account. Thanks for the great new features!

    • Brian Gladu

      Do you have the new form builder update? This release is part of that update. If you have the new form builder, but still don’t have this update, please reach out to support and let them know:

  • Wow… this is great. I didn’t realize how helpful it was until I went and used it. Thanks!

  • I though the queue would tell me how many people are waiting at a particular action/step. Did I misunderstand? I have numbers in the queue that are more than twice the number that is actually waiting at that step. Support tells me that this is because customers entered the automation more than once??? Does that mean the queue is a recording of people who have entered or passed through that step?

    • Jon

      Hi Tomas, The number you see is the total number of contacts that are currently waiting on the step (including multiple entries). It shouldn’t include contacts who already passed. If you think that the number should be lower, we can look into it further. I suggest responding back to the ticket you have with us. If there is no ticket, you can email us at