See Where Your Contacts Are in an Automation

Last week we made the automation builder drag-and-drop, this week we’ve made it easy to see exactly where your contacts are in your automation workflows and how many contacts are in each Wait action.
A Wait action with contacts in it will display a Queue button with the number of contacts in parenthesis:

Clicking the Queue button will take you to the list of contacts in the Wait condition.

This feature makes it easier to decide how to handle editing a live automation. Now you know who, if anyone, will be affected when you move Wait actions from one location to another.

Copy Campaigns in Automations

Now, rather than creating a new campaign each time you send an email message in an automation, you simply copy it.

One more thing coming…

These two new features make building your automation workflows faster than ever.
But, some people don’t want to bother with building automations at all. They’d rather have an expert create their automations for them. That way they can be sure they are using best practices and that everything is configured correctly.
If that’s you, we’ve got another big announcement coming very soon. Subscribe to the blog and follow us on social with the links below so you’ll know the minute we announce it.