Automate Web Push Notifications With ActiveCampaign and Aimtell

Automate Web Push Notifications With ActiveCampaign and Aimtell

This post was contributed by Briana Barkett of Aimtell.

Audience engagement is a key factor for brands seeking to drive traffic and increase sales. More importantly, you’ll want to send personalized messages to your target audience. Web push notifications is a solution for brands wanting to improve how they connect with their audience at scale.

Aimtell is a web push notification app that provides websites with an innovative way to re-engage website visitors and customers. The web push notifications appear on a user’s desktop or mobile device (Android users only). For brands already engaging in email or social media marketing, Aimtell provides another way to engage customers to drive them back to your website.

By integrating Aimtell with ActiveCampaign, you now can effectively leverage your ActiveCampaign data to deliver more powerful web push notifications to your audience.

Why Aimtell?

Aimtell is an effective solution for brands seeking additional ways to engage their audience and encourage certain actions, such as making a purchase, reading content, or signing up for a newsletter. Regardless of the vertical, Aimtell can help increase website traffic and engagement with personalized web push notifications.

After a website visitor opts in to receive web push notifications, they are now a subscriber for that website. Aimtell then will begin collecting information about that subscriber, such as their location, device type, and website activity. This subscriber data then can help you create personalized notifications. By using this data, your web push notifications will be more targeted and relevant for subscribers, and as a result, they may potentially increase click-through rates and conversions.

Top Aimtell Features

  • One-click opt-in: A website visitor does not have to provide an email address or phone number to opt in. All they have to do is press “allow” on the opt-in prompt.
  • Works on desktop and mobile devices: Aimtell web-based notifications will deliver to the device that a user opts in from. Web push notifications are currently supported on all major desktop browsers and mobile browsers. (Android only; iOS devices do not yet support website push notifications.)
  • Triggered notifications: Automated web push notifications can be sent to a subscriber whenever they activate the given trigger, such as abandoning their shopping cart or viewing a particular landing page.
  • Conversion tracking: Enabling conversion tracking allows you to understand how your web push notifications are performing and can provide you with feedback on what campaigns could perform better.
  • RSS notifications: Connect almost any RSS feed with Aimtell. Send automated notifications whenever any new content is published. These RSS notifications work well for media or content websites.
  • Custom events and attributes: You can use data to send targeted web push notifications. These custom events and attributes can be used to segment an audience and personalize your web push notifications.

How to Integrate Aimtell and ActiveCampaign

Integrating ActiveCampaign with Aimtell allows you to personalize and automate your web push notifications to specific subscribers.

First, create a new automation in your ActiveCampaign account. Then, select your desired initial trigger and hit “Continue.” Click “CX Apps” and you will find a list of Aimtell actions.
Aimtell actions automate web push notifications
The three Aimtell actions you can choose from are:

  1. Add an attribute to an Aimtell subscriber: This action will add custom attributes into your Aimtell dashboard for segmentation and advanced personalization within your web push notifications. For this action, you will define the website, the attribute name, and the value.
  2. Add an event to an Aimtell subscriber: Events send triggered, or automated, web push notifications. For this action, you will define the website, event category, event action, event value, event label, and any event variables.
  3. Send a web push notification to a contact: This action will automatically send a triggered web push notification to an ActiveCampaign contact (who has also opted in to your Aimtell push notifications). For this action, you will define the website, title, body, link, icon, and image of the web push notification.

With ActiveCampaign and Aimtell, you can leverage first-party data to build personalized web push notifications. That way, you can retarget your audience and encourage them to take action on your website.

Re-Engaging Subscribers With Aimtell and ActiveCampaign

Ecommerce businesses have opportunities to re-engage shoppers with web push notifications. One of the most popular ways to re-engage shoppers is to retarget abandoned shopping carts to increase conversions. Ecommerce brands also can send shipping updates to consumers to keep them informed of their purchases and to help promote a positive user experience.

Ecommerce businesses can add custom attributes to their subscribers to effectively target their audiences with relevant product recommendations or to cross- or up-sell items based on a customer’s purchase behavior.
product recommendation example automate web push notifications

A web push notification with a relevant product recommendation

If a potential customer opens an email promoting a certain sale or new product release, you can trigger a web push notification to send product information, early reviews, or a follow-up CTA to encourage them to shop.

Travel businesses can use custom events to set up automated web push notifications. For example, if a subscriber changes their flight, the airline can send a confirmation web push notification. Or, if a subscriber is searching for travel deals for a certain city, a travel agency can send a follow-up web push notification advertising relevant deals.
travel example automate web push notifications

A web push notification for subscribers who viewed travel deals to Miami

Web push notifications are also an effective way to share content, especially breaking news. Media and content websites can send triggered push notifications to alert subscribers about new content to increase visibility and engagement.

There are so many more ways to take advantage of this integration. Here are more ideas:

  • Send a triggered web push notification to a subscriber that clicks a link in an email
  • Send a triggered web push notification to a subscriber that visits a specific landing page
  • Add a custom event into Aimtell when a subscriber completes a goal, such as completing a form.
  • Send a triggered web push notification when new RSS feed content is published
  • Add a custom attribute into Aimtell when a subscriber provides certain information, like their name or product preferences.

Automate Your Web Push Notifications to Boost Engagement

Brands from any vertical can begin engaging their audience directly by using Aimtell web push notifications. These web push notifications can help encourage website subscribers to take action. By integrating with ActiveCampaign, you can create personalized web push notifications and save time automating the process. Learn more about ActiveCampaign & Aimtell.

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