Automate That! S1E3: Make the Most of the Highest-Engagement Moment

Automate That! S1E3: Make the Most of the Highest-Engagement Moment

This article is a recap of “Automate That!” a segment of Growth Decoded that shows you how to save time and solve common business problems using ActiveCampaign automation. Register here!

“Nice to meet you,” he said and stuck out his hand.

I froze. I just stared at it — suspended in the open space between us, dangling.

He held his hand there for a moment, confused at who should make the next move, or what the next move would be. Tension and awkwardness mounted. His expectations were plummeting, and I could tell he was re-evaluating ever having introduced himself.

Finally, I reached out and met his hand, but by that time the moment had passed. He didn’t want to continue the conversation. He didn’t want to know me at all. The window of opportunity for a new friendship slammed shut. Why had I hesitated? All I had to do was return the handshake…

Well, that was an awkward moment. And, it probably comes as no surprise that the two individuals in the story above did not develop a relationship or become friends.

The entire situation could have been avoided with a simple action: Returning the gesture. Being polite.

This is common sense in human-to-human interaction — but, unfortunately, not when it comes to email marketing.

You might be surprised to learn that:

Yikes! To make matters worse, the moment a contact subscribes to your email list is a moment where their interest in your brand is highest. They’re so engaged with your brand that they’ve decided to give you their contact information.

They want to hear from you, not just now but in the future — they want to learn more!

You can learn more about sending a welcome email series (and even steal one from us) here!

In fact, a contact who has just signed up for your email list has a higher chance of becoming a customer than any other type of contact.

Open, click-through, and email engagement rates for welcome emails are far higher than other emails you’ll send. This is your chance to respond, to return the gesture, to introduce yourself.

Not sending a welcome email isn’t just impolite, it’s bad business. Don’t leave your new contact’s hand dangling in the abyss!

In today’s world, it’s much simpler to welcome your new contacts via email. With powerful marketing tools (like ActiveCampaign) you’re able to set up a workflow that does this for you — automatically!

How do you… automate that? Look no further!

Watch the recording above to learn:

  • How to use the welcome email series recipe to welcome every new contact who signs up for your list, and begin segmenting and tracking their actions with your content!
  • The tasks this automation recipe helps you accomplish
  • The different “ingredients” that make the automation work
  • Steps to take before importing the recipe for optimized success
  • Additional automation recipes to use alongside the featured automation!

Psst: you can download the slides from the episode here!

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