Automate That! S1E1: Kick Off the Customer Journey with a Positive First Experience

Automate That! S1E1: Kick Off the Customer Journey with a Positive First Experience

This article is a recap of “Automate That!” a segment of Growth Decoded that shows you how to save time and solve common business problems using ActiveCampaign automation. Register here!

What do these lead generation tactics have in common?

  • Gated content
  • “Contact Us” form
  • Book a consultation
  • Demo request

They all begin with a form submission and require follow-up!

A gated content offering is a great strategy for generating leads, but how do you implement it in a way that’s efficient and scalable? How do you know when someone submits your form? How do you make sure your content gets delivered on time? Is there a way to make sure none of you new leads fall through the cracks?

If you’re offering something behind a form, you know how time consuming it can be. You’ve got to (manually):

  1. Check to see if there are new submissions
  2. Deliver the gated content, or respond to the request
  3. Add or update a contact record with the new information
  4. Create a new opportunity or deal in your CRM
  5. Generate a follow-up task to your to-do list or CRM
  6. Follow up

Sounds like a lot of manual work. There’s more than one way to commit an error — after all, you’re only human. It’s also possible for some of that information to get lost in the shuffle.

Isn’t there a way to automate that?

Good news: there certainly is, and in this week’s episode of Automate That! ActiveCampaign’s Marketplace Manager, Cody Lindley shows you how.

Watch the recording above to learn:

  • How the gated content and deal creation automation handles the whole process
  • What this automation recipe helps you accomplish
  • The different “ingredients” that make the automation work
  • Steps to take before importing the recipe for optimized success
  • Additional automation recipes to use alongside the featured automation!

Psst: You can download the slides for Episode 1 here!

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