Automate Your Text Messages With ActiveCampaign & BulkSMS

Automate Your Text Messages With ActiveCampaign & BulkSMS

This post was contributed by Shereen Griebenow of BulkSMS.

Competition is fierce in the marketplace as thousands of brands compete to get and hold customers’ attention. From direct mail to the random online pop-ups, your customers can quickly get distracted by so many marketing messages.

Your business needs to rise above the noise. SMS is an effective solution for engaging with your customers and speaking directly to their needs.

SMS is one of the oldest mobile channels available and still trusted by businesses across the globe to deliver important messages to your audience. Boasting a 98% read rate and 45% response rate, your business can rely on SMS to help you communicate with your most valued customers.

Who is has spent the last two decades helping businesses around the world to share their messages. Our business messaging services span over 800 networks, in more than 200 countries, making it easy for businesses to reach customers whenever, wherever.

Voted a global leader in SMS Messaging, we have developed a variety of solutions to make it easy to use text messaging as part of your customer engagement and communications strategies. Whether you’d prefer sending your messages via a web application, automating your message with an SMS API, or integrating messaging with your favorite workflow tool, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Our user-friendly platform personalizes and schedules your bulk sends. You can add a customer’s personal information by inserting selected fields in the body of the text to tailor your message.

How & ActiveCampaign Work Together

The BulkSMS & ActiveCampaign integration makes it easier to connect with your customers.

From automated notifications to bulk messaging, this integration was built for individual workflows and large volume sends. The robust SMS API and reliable SMS gateway offers a cost-effective way to communicate with your customers.

When you link the BulkSMS platform with your ActiveCampaign account, you get access to two very powerful integrations:

  • BulkSMS Integration for ActiveCampaign
  • BulkSMS Integration Gateway

1. BulkSMS Integration for ActiveCampaign

This integration helps you add SMS messaging to your automated workflows. By selecting “Send SMS via BulkSMS,” you can easily link to your BulkSMS account, set your trigger(s), and personalize your message.

automate text messages

The status of your sent SMS messages are recorded in the activity log. All team members have visibility into sent and delivered SMSes and can see each customer’s response.

The appropriate tags are added to the contact for easy filtering. These tags also can trigger additional workflow steps, such as adding a contact to a list.

automate text messages

2. BulkSMS Integration Gateway

We have included the same integration within our own platform–giving you the added capability of large volume sends. From within the BulkSMS Integration Gateway, you can choose between sending individual or bulk messages to your ActiveCampaign lists. The message status will still appear in the Activity Log of your contact’s profile in ActiveCampaign.

You can link your ActiveCampaign Account to the BulkSMS Integration Gateway by inputting the API Key, which you can find under the Developer tab in the ActiveCampaign Settings. To activate the Event Tracking, input the Event Key that’s located under the Tracking tab in the ActiveCampaign settings.

automate text messages

To ensure that all message records pull through to your contact’s profile, both the Activity Updates and Tags Enabled blocks must be selected in the Activity Updates section. Then, all message statuses will pull directly through from the BulkSMS Integration Gateway onto the contact’s profile, including any reply SMSes from the customer.

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How to Use & ActiveCampaign

Here are a few ways that businesses integrate with ActiveCampaign as part of their automation workflows:


Getting permission is key to building a list of engaged customers. Make the double opt-in response easier for your customer by sending an SMS prompt. Not only is the response recorded on the customer’s ActiveCampaign profile, but you can add tags to optimize further engagements.

To do this, create a new automation that triggers an SMS when a contact is added to a particular list. For instance, if a customer completes a form on your website to become a subscriber, as soon as their data is added to your ‘Subscribed’ list, they will receive an SMS.

You can add any content to the message, from a simple ‘Thank you for signing up’ to a link directing them to a second opt-in page.

Tip: Tailor this automation workflow to include useful information on what the customer can expect once they subscribe.

automate text messages

Notifications or Reminders

Use SMS to notify or remind customers of time-sensitive events. Automated reminders are particularly helpful for virtual events.

When a customer signs up to attend an online webinar or class, add the date-based trigger to your automation. This workflow can send an SMS on a specified date, reminding the attendee of the event.

Tip: In the SMS, you can include login details to create a seamless experience for your attendees.

Large Volume Bulk Sends

Communicate with your entire list in a single send. Send ‘Season Greetings’ messages or let your entire customer base know about a new product.

All messages are sent simultaneously, and there’s no limit to the number of messages you can send. Plus, all messages sent via the Gateway—and any customer’s replies—are recorded in ActiveCampaign for your team.

Automate Your Text Messages

With the BulkSMS integration, you can add the power of SMS to your automated workflows. It’s an opportunity for you to connect with your ActiveCampaign contacts and create an engaging experience.

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