Automate segmentation and workflows with link actions in the new email designer

Whenever you send an email, it’s important to understand what your customers are interested in to help drive relevant marketing efforts. Understanding their engagement allows you to better tailor a message that resonates, so they see that you understand their wants and needs making them more likely to do business with you. But how do you know what they’re interested in? How can you use their interactions and apply those actionable insights to help you drive your email marketing strategies? 

Turn interactions into actions

When contacts are clicking links in your emails, they’re taking the next steps to familiarize themselves with your brand and product. You want to make sure that you’re delivering the right message, at the right time using content that attracts, nurtures, and converts. 

Take action when a contact clicks on a link within an email and understand who they are, so you can better engage with them in future campaigns. Through ActiveCampaign link actions in the new email designer, you can identify customer’s interests with behavior-driven data to automatically apply segmentation tags, subscribe them to a list, or drop them in an automatic nurture sequence to further engage with them across their customer journey. This added layer of insight helps you automate your segmentation and workflows to deliver relevant content and an outcome that will help build advocacy. 

What is link action?

Link actions make it easier than ever to automate your segmentation and marketing workflows. A link action is an automated action that is triggered when a contact clicks a link in a campaign or automation email. Once triggered, their behavior will dictate which segmentation and path they will follow. 

You can create a link action to:  

  • Add tags that are related to your customer’s interests to better define and help guide your future marketing efforts. 
  • Subscribe them to a list to centralize contacts that have the same interest and deliver highly-targeted campaigns.
  • Add them to an automation that kickoff a series of nurture sequence to engage them into making a purchase.

From that link action, you can also kick-off a multi-step automation workflow that will update their contact record, send a follow-up email, and create a deal in the CRM. Depending on your business needs, link actions provide you the ability to keep engaging your customers in real-time while you are focusing on other parts of your business. 

Some of the link actions available are:

  • Add tags 
  • Remove tags
  • Subscribe to list 
  • Unsubscribe from list
  • Add to automation 
  • End automation
ActiveCampaign link actions in the new email designer allows you to kickoff an automation to accelerate your workflow based on your contact's interactions.
Kickoff an automation with link actions to accelerate your workflow

Connect link actions across the rest of the ActiveCampaign platform

Sales automation increases qualified leads 110% on average year-over-year. Accelerate your sales workflow with link actions. Kick off a sales automation based on a contact’s engagement so you can focus on qualified leads. Using behavior data captured from a marketing touchpoint, you can create and manage deals, update the pipeline, and know when to have sales follow-up. Check out dozens of sales automation recipes in our library with pre-built automation templates that can help you capture more leads. 

Along with sales automation, leverage email marketing to communicate with qualified leads after a deal is updated. Automate a follow-up email that contains relevant content that you know they will resonate with to capitalize on their most engaged time. Access some of our free email templates and tools to help you get started.

Try link action in the new email designer for yourself

Understanding your contact’s engagement is a great way to automate your marketing efforts. Ready to turn customer’s interactions into actions? Learn more about how to create your own link action in the new email designer in our help center or start your free trial today!

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