As most people who are serious about digital marketing know, there is huge advantage to being able to connect various marketing channels together in order to paint a better picture of what is taking place with your contacts. The reason this is so valuable is that it increases the effectiveness of your interactions with contacts. ActiveCampaign has always been a firm believer that email marketing and social media were destined to work with each other, and although we have social media integrations, we’re not a social media company at our core… So, in stepped! “shows you what your customers and leads — or donors and action-takers — are saying on social media.” They accomplish this by taking your existing contact list and using it to monitor the social posts of your contact database. This allows you to interact socially and discover trends, as to how your contact data base looks and feels in the social media world. However, this is only the first part of the equation. also provides the ability to push contacts who fit a fall into certain categories based on the content of their post (i.e. #activecampaign) in to a list within ActiveCampaign. You can then send messages through ActiveCampaign’s Automated Series (or a regular campaign) based on what contacts are doing socially provided the appropriate touch points and interactions with contacts making you a stronger and more effective marketer.
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