Take action on customer data in new ways with the updated Calendly integration

Take action on customer data in new ways with the updated Calendly integration

When your relationship with a customer goes deeper than surface level, it could become more difficult to understand all the ways they interact with your business. Key details could start falling through the cracks. Luckily, ActiveCampaign’s customer experience automation (CXA) capabilities and 860+ integration connections are here to help keep track of all customer interactions and details over time.

The latest integration to be added to the collection of high-powered apps is a new and improved Calendly connection. The meeting scheduling software connects directly with ActiveCampaign and is now enhanced with custom objects to better manage and take action on customer data over time.

What can you do now with the Calendly integration? 

  • Trigger automations when Calendly events are created or updated
  • See all your important event details, like event type, date and time, location, meeting details, status, and a link to go to Calendly directly to view all event details 
  • Get a single view of all meetings your customers have attended over time, not just from the most recent interaction
  • Use fields from your Calendly events to personalize customer emails 

Let’s say Isabella reaches out to schedule a meeting with a representative to talk through a new product. Once she books the meeting, a deal is created and she is added to the corresponding pipeline within the CRM. A meeting invite is sent. This isn’t Isabella’s first meeting with your business, and she is a very loyal customer, so you’d want to see her entire history — what emails were sent and what notes were taken in each meeting — so you have the most context possible before the discussion. 

Now that Calendly events work as a custom object, the automation is triggered from the event object, not a tag. In the past, users had to leverage tags or custom fields that would trigger automations once an event was created, but each new meeting would overwrite any existing or previous meeting data. For businesses who rely on meetings or events to build relationships, it’s important to be able to track the entire history a customer has, not just the most recent touchpoint. 

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The best part of CXA is the ability to deeply understand every customer, and track their preferences and behaviors over time as they go from a first-time visitor to a loyal brand advocate. Get even more out of your Calendly integration and continue building the relationships that grow your business. 

Want to learn more about getting started with the newly updated Calendly integration? Check out our help documentation

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