Announcing the Chrome Extension 3.0

Note: This post is now out-of-date. For the most up-to-date information about the ActiveCampaign Chrome extension, please refer to our help center

I am really excited to announce a major update to the ActiveCampaign Chrome extension.
The current version of our Chrome extension has been a fantastic tool for marketers and sales teams to bring the power of ActiveCampaign’s automations and CRM functionality to the inbox. Starting today we are going to extend the reach of that functionality to everywhere online.
This new release to the Chrome extension adds several new features that will make managing your sales pipelines incredibly easy.

Manage tasks as soon as you complete them

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ActiveCampaign is a fantastic place to organize the tasks you need to complete in order to win more deals. That doesn’t mean that inside the ActiveCampaign CRM is where those tasks actually get created or completed. With this new release, we are providing you with the capability to create new tasks or mark existing tasks as complete from right inside the Chrome extension.
Simply click on the Chrome extension icon from your menu bar, and you will be presented with a streamlined view of all of your upcoming tasks. Click on the New Task button to create an existing task or click the checkmark to mark it as complete.

Create a deal whenever inspiration strikes

When the phone rings because a potential customer is calling it should never create anxiety, it should be a moment of pure joy! With the new update to the Chrome extension, you no longer need to drop whatever you are doing in order frantically navigate to your ActiveCampaign CRM dashboard to create a deal.
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When you hear the sweet melody of new business calling simply click on the Chrome extension and bring up the deals tab. From there you can create a new Deal and save it to the appropriate pipeline no matter what website you are on. Because booking business should never interrupt Face-booking.

View and manage your contacts from anywhere

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The previous version of the Chrome extension added the ability to create a new contact anytime you found an email address on the web. We are increasing that flexibility with this new update. It is now easy to add new contacts, update and manage your existing contacts from right inside the Chrome extension — anywhere you are on the web. It is like a nimble version of ActiveCampaign that goes with you everywhere!

Drastically improved speed and performance

We know your time is valuable, that’s also why we have made a large number of performance improvements under the hood for this new release. The new version should be significantly faster to load, meaning more time winning and less time waiting.

How to install

Waiting sucks, that’s why I am excited to share that you can upgrade the new Chrome extension starting today. Simply head over to the Chrome Webstore to get going!
These new features add to the already great existing functionality, like triggering an automation once an email is read, tracking email reads sent through gmail in ActiveCampaign, and your emails will continue to be automatically logged to your deals in our Deals CRM.

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