Announcing the ActiveCampaign Community

The ActiveCampaign Marketing Community
We are happy to announce the ActiveCampaign Community.
Online marketing can be confusing — the sheer amount of strategies, tools, and information can be overwhelming. We see our community as a place where you can connect with like-minded marketers who are facing similar challenges. It’s a supportive environment where we can all collaborate and help each other become better, more successful marketers.
In the community, you’ll find:

To sign up, all you’ll need is your account URL. It doesn’t take long so I hope you’ll take a minute to join now.
There are some great topics already started so feel free to pop in and join the discussion:

In addition to all our users and partners, the ActiveCampaign staff will be there, and we are hiring a dedicated Community Manager to help this become the invaluable resource we expect it to be.
We see the community as a major addition to our customer success resources. All support requests should still be routed through our existing support channels, but this community is a place to discuss anything marketing related.
Discussion is in no way limited to ActiveCampaign (we want it to be a resource for marketing-related information in general) but you’ll get responses from other ActiveCampaign users and ActiveCampaign staff so it will be information that is immediately applicable to your situation. For instance, if you ask about personalizing emails, you’ll receive responses that reference specific ActiveCampaign features, tags, documentation, etc., rather than general advice.
Another benefit of the community is that it connects experienced marketers and ActiveCampaign power users with marketing newbies and people just getting started with the platform. We’ve got some really talented and experienced marketers in our user base and we look forward to everyone connecting and helping each other.
Please take a moment to stop in and introduce yourself so we know who you are.
I’ll talk to you there!

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