Announcing Square Integration: Reach Your In-Store Customers with Your Online Marketing

Announcing Square Integration: Reach Your In-Store Customers with Your Online Marketing

A customer walks into your store and makes a purchase. Then they leave to go about their life.

What happens next?Ideally, you could reach that customer even after they walk out the door.

You could make targeted offers based on the specific purchases that they made.

You could see their entire purchase history at a glance.

And, by connecting your physical store to your online marketing, you could get your customers coming back for more.

If you use Square payment processing in your physical store, you’re already collecting a lot of information about your customers. Every time someone buys from you, you learn from them—but if you can’t use that information in your marketing, your business won’t grow the way it potentially could.

Square helps over 2 million businesses process payments. By using technology to make payment processing easy, Square helps businesses grow without needing to manage all the details of accepting payments.

And when you can combine Square with technology that makes it easier to do marketing, businesses can grow even faster.

That’s why we built the Square + ActiveCampaign Deep Data integration—to make it easier for you to get people back in your store (and grow your business).

What can you do when you integrate Square with ActiveCampaign?

When you connect Square and ActiveCampaign, you can use data gathered offline to make your online marketing more targeted.

What does this mean? Simply put:

Square + ActiveCampaign = connecting online efforts with in-store behaviors, tracking marketing, and creating personalized post-purchase experiences.

But what does that actually look like in your business?

Here are a few ways you might use ActiveCampaign and Square together:

  • Track online offers. Make an offer to people online. Then see exactly who comes into your store for the sale.
  • Offer related products (and sell more). When people buy from you, you learn what type of product they’re interested in. Automatically track their interest—and automatically follow up to let them know about other products they might want.
  • Reward your top customers. Can you see who buys from you the most? When you can track purchase history, you can find your most loyal customers—and offer them even more.

And those are just a few small examples. If you can collect the information, you can use it sell more stuff.

The new integration will let you see (and target people based on)…

  • Item purchased
  • Price of item
  • Number of items purchased
  • Purchase history
  • Customer geographic location
  • Purchase frequency
  • Time since last purchase
  • Interest in product category
  • Any other information you want to ask for

You can change up your emails with dynamic content—so that people getting the same message see different offers based on any of these factors.

You can send people through automations that follow up with them after a purchase.

Any time you interact with your customers, you’ll have all the information you need to make them exactly the right offer.

All accounts on Plus and above can now start using the Square integration.start using the square integration

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