Announcing Site Messages

Deliver the right message, to the right contact, at the right time and watch your business soar. But that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Email is a fantastic medium (of course, we are a little biased).
Text messages can be fantastic too, but many contacts get squeemish about the idea of a company texting them. If you want to send physical mail there are plenty of alternatives, but what if you want something lighter than that?
What do you do when all you need is a quick flash of a message? A short update to your customers, and they can decide if they want to learn more?
Today I am excited to announce that the newest addition to our messaging suite is available: Site Messages. Site Messages are available on professional plans or higher.
Site Messages are lightweight messages that display on your website to any segment of your users. Site Messages first appear as a small, animated notification:

You can include a brief message with emojis, a picture of a staff member, an icon to catch your visitors eye. You can personalize Site Messages with many of our standard personalization tags like date, geography, regular contact fields, and ecommerce Deep Data.
Once the Site Message is clicked, it expands into a larger message on your site. Expanded Site Messages can either appear as pinned to the right, or as a modal in the center of the screen.
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Site Messages come in 3 themes; Basic, Colored and Dark Stripe
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The message can be configured in one of four layouts; basic, titled, basic with image and titled with an image.
Site Messages come in handy for a number of different use cases:

  • SaaS companies can use Site Messages to notify users of new features (like notify early adopters of beta releases!).
  • Ecommerce companies can use Site Messages to display a one-time coupon code to segments of customers.
  • Bloggers can use them to show breaking news stories to their logged-in users.

Site Messages are available inside the automation builder, you use them the same way that you would to create an email or send an sms message. You can find the Site Messages action in the Sending Options category of actions.
It’s such a flexible messaging channel, there are so many things that are possible, we are excited to see what you come up with.

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Notify users of new Products

This ecommerce example uses a combination of our recently annouced Shopify Deep Data integration and Site Messages to suggest a new product to contacts that have previously purchased a complimentary product.
Lets assume that you just got a new foot pedal to sell in your online music store. You want to notify any of your customers that have previously purchased an electric guitar.
Start by creating an automation to house our new Site Message. We are going to manually add contacts to the automation, so you can skip the automation trigger.
Click add a new Site Message, and create a Site Message with the copy that makes sense for you.

Now just head to your contact list, segment by previous purchase, and select everybody who has previously purchased an item from the guitar category.

Once you have them filtered, you can select edit all from the contact menu, and quickly add them to your Guitar Pedal automation so that they receive your Site Message the next time they visit your store.

Special coupon code

The first example was rather straightforward, so lets crank it up a notch. In this example we are going to assume that you operate an online school, and you want to give a special course away to anybody that completes any existing course in the month of January.
To keep things simple we will be using a static coupon code to give away the bonus course. We are also going to assume that we already have event tracking turned on, and we fire the course_completion event anytime a student finishes a course.
Create a new automation and select Event Tracking as the start trigger. Choose to segment contacts entering this automation by Current month is January.

From here on out is just a matter of crafting the perfect Site Message!
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Breaking news story

For our last example, we are going to assume that you run a financial news blog. As a value-add to your registered users, and as a way to drive more time on-site, you want to throw a Site Message for any breaking news stories.
A new story just came out, and the publishing desk is working on getting it ready. You want to present the Site Message to any logged-in users that visit the site for 3 days after the story is published.
Create a new automation, and select Site Tracking as the trigger. Choose to segment contacts entering this automation with a date less than 3 days from now.

Go ahead and create your Site Message announcing the new blog post, and end the automation and you’re all set!


We’re super excited about this brand new way to message your contacts whenever they visit your site. Hopefully these examples gave you a few ideas to get started, but I am really excited to learn how you put Site Messages to work for you.
Give Site Messages a try, and let us know in the comments how you made them work for your business!

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