Announcing Saved Responses

Today we released a new feature that makes sending one-to-one messages to your contacts easier and faster.
Now, you can save and reuse common messages and responses. This is a huge time-saver.
What makes this feature unique and powerful is that your saved messages can be personalized with information about the contact. So, even though you’re using a boilerplate message, it can sound very personal. Done well, someone would never know that the message wasn’t thoughtfully drafted just for them, and you can ensure the message is relevant to that person.
You just click the new saved responses icon, select a message from the list, and you’re done:
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Saved responses you create are global — they’re accessible to any user on your ActiveCampaign account — so they’re a great way to standardize your company’s sales process and ensure a consistent experience across your team. If someone finds a winning message, they can easily share it.

How to use Saved Responses

To create a saved response, go to your account settings. You’ll see a new Saved Responses category.
To get started, first create categories for your messages. You might have a category for each sales person, a category for each step of your sales process, or whatever makes sense for your company.
Click the Green “Add Response” button to begin composing the actual message. After giving it a name and category, you’ll see the compose message modal. Here you can draft and format the message.
To insert a personalization tag, type the percentage symbol (%) into the body of the message. You’ll be presented with a menu of fields you can insert. After selecting the field, you’ll see a blue placeholder indicating it’s a dynamic value.
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When you use a saved response, the blue placeholders will be updated with the actual value from the contact record, so you’ll see exactly how the message looks prior to sending. If any of those fields doesn’t have a value, it will be highlighted in red. If you try to send a response without a value, you’ll be prompted to insert a value, so you’d have a hard time accidentally sending an incomplete message.
The Saved Responses feature is a free update available to all plans. The feature is rolling out today. If you don’t already have it in your account, you’ll see it soon (over the next couple of days).

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