Custom Deal Fields Filtering: Find the Information You Need to Close Sales

Custom Deal Fields Filtering: Find the Information You Need to Close Sales

At every stage of your sales process, you collect information about your prospects that make it easier to close deals.

When it’s easier to access your deal information, it’s easier to assign sales reps, manage your processes, and ultimately win more business.

Today, we’re announcing pipeline filtering for custom deal fields. Now, you’ll be able to filter your pipelines based on the information you capture in your fields.

The ActiveCampaign CRM already lets you filter deals based on factors like:

  • Deal owner
  • Deal status
  • Tags
  • Deal value
  • Tasks
  • Lead scores
  • Date created

The ability to filter based on custom deal fields—information you specifically choose to capture because it’s important to your unique sales process—is part of our continued investment in improving the ActiveCampaign CRM.

What does filtering by custom deal fields let you do?

  • Focus. A mortgage rep who wants to focus on customers seeking a 15 Year adjustable-rate mortgage would filter by mortgage type to see only those deals.
  • Action. A sales rep that’s up at the crack of dawn wants to start making calls, so they would filter their Pipeline to see deals in a specific timezone.
  • Speed. A sales team is looking for a strong end to the month, so they would filter by forecasted close date and prioritize those deals.

We’ve put together some resources to help you get the most out of this new feature.

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