Announcing our Improved Navigation

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As we have continued to improve the ActiveCampaign experience, one of the things we noticed is that it can be difficult to find some of our most powerful features.
A large part of that challenge had to do with how the platform was laid out, or its “navigation hierarchy.”
The platform was made up of top-level (primary) navigation (Contacts, Campaigns, Automations, etc…) appearing in the top menu-bar and platform features that related to the primary navigation (sub-navigation).
All of the platform features that related to the primary navigation were constrained to a dropdown in the sub-header.
This tended to bury those platform features, and make them harder to find.
Primary nav and sub-level nav on the old user interface
In an effort to create a better user experience for you, starting today, we have begun rolling out the ability to opt-in to our new and improved navigation.
Our new navigation moves many of the platform offerings from the upper menu-bar to a new left side-menu bar.
This change makes much of the ActiveCampaign features, especially the platform features that relate to the primary navigation, much more visible and easier to find.
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Benefits of our new navigation

This update to the navigation makes it easier to maneuver through the platform, offering a more intuitive experience.
Specifically, the improved navigation interface does a couple of great things for your usability:

  • It improves screen real-estate: You have more space on the right to work up and down.
  • It surfaces platform features: You can find platform features with ease.

As of today, we are rolling out the ability to upgrade to the new navigation experience to all users.
If you are interested in digging into more of the specifics, I would encourage you to check out this handy New Navigation walkthrough we put together.

Read the help article

How to upgrade to the new navigation

Right now the new navigation user interface is available as an optional upgrade only. We don’t currently have a set timeline for a forced upgrade, but that may change in the future.
That being said, all new features will only be added to this new navigation branch. Stay tuned to our blog for future feature updates!
For existing accounts: Simply log-in to your ActiveCampaign account. You’ll see a yellow banner letting you know that your account is ready to be upgraded should you choose to do so. Just click the button to be added to the upgrade list.
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For new accounts: If you create a brand new account today, you will be presented with the old navigation (upper menu bar). Your new account will also include the yellow banner where you can opt-in to the new experience.

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