A New & Improved Email Designer is Coming to ActiveCampaign

A New & Improved Email Designer is Coming to ActiveCampaign

At ActiveCampaign, we want to deliver the best possible customer experience to our own users, and that’s why we routinely ask for feedback across channels to ensure they are successful. For our 150,000+ customers across the world, we routinely say that customer satisfaction is a major key to growth. We measure our own success by our customers’ success, so we always listen to what they have to say. If a customer is experiencing an issue, has a complaint, or just needs someone to listen, we are always here.  

Your top goal should be to meaningfully connect with customers and give them the best experience across all touchpoints along their customer journey, and that includes keeping them happy well after they purchase or convert. One of the most reviewed items of our platform is our email editor experience, which is why we’re very excited to announce our new and improved email designer.

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Looking to provide a better product? Ask your customers what they want.

One of our core values is to Iterate Everything, Always. Another is to Make the Customer A Hero. To bring these values to life, we continually review customer ideas through our dashboard, analyze feature usage, talk to customers to understand their goals, and gather sentiment on specific features to ensure we’re dedicating our resources to the right places. 

It makes sense that our email designer is the most reviewed aspect in the platform: email marketing automation is the backbone of the majority of marketing engagement strategies. While other channels have emerged and are optimized across the ActiveCampaign platform, email marketing automation still boasts the highest ROI for each $1 spent and is crucial to customer engagement. 

Our users expect the email design experience to be dynamic, reliable, and intuitive so they can spend less time building emails, and more time creating exceptional experiences across the whole customer journey. We’re looking forward to continually offering each customer the best possible service with this new designer. Want to see the designer for yourself? Check out our overview webinar to see a demo and learn more.

A new designer means new features! 

We’re adding some net new features to the lineup that will improve your overall email building, and offer a great experience for your customers. Check out what’s new:  

  • HTML to Drag and Drop toggle: You decide how you want to build your emails by easily switching between the classic drag and drop, or detailed lines of HTML.
  • Countdown timer block: Working towards a special event or offering a flash sale? Include a timer block as a dynamic way to let customers know to act fast.
  • Slide to size columns: You have the power and ability to truly customize your emails, and that’s true across entire templates or small adjustments like column size.
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You’ll notice that not all functionality from the classic designer is included yet in the new experience. But don’t worry, we are continuously releasing features to get to parody across the builders. 

Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Templates: Build emails in a matter of minutes with customizable templates that put your best brand foot forward. (NOW LIVE!)
  • Saved blocks: If you use the same sections, containers, or content across several emails, you can save content blocks and quickly drag them into a new email without starting over completely! (NOW LIVE!)
  • Link tracking & link actions: See if contacts click any links in your campaigns and emails, and take action when a contact clicks that link and engage them in the future.
Automate your emails for better engagement

Check out the new designer today! 

We want our customers to tell us what they need, not the other way around. Now, qualifying customers can access the new designer to test out the new look and feel, and offer direct feedback to improve future releases! 

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