Announcing: Emojis in Subject Lines

Emojis for ActiveCampaign

Have you ever wanted to send emails that used emojis in their subject lines? Well, good news. ActiveCampaign now provides the functionality to do so. That’s right, you can now use emojis in your email subject lines, provided you’ve upgraded to the new navigation.

Using emojis in subject lines helps your emails stand out. In case you don’t know what an emoji is, here’s one: ???? And another: ???? And another: ⏰

Get the most out of emojis

Randomly tossing any old emoji into your subject lines isn’t a recipe for success, so here are a couple tips for maximizing your return on emoji usage.

Don’t overuse them

People are going to start to get annoyed if all of your email subject lines look like this:
4ra72nyi7 screenshot2018 03 29at9.49.25am
The reason emojis bring value to subject lines is because they stand out, but if you’re shamelessly stuffing all your subject lines with emojis, people will catch on and start to ignore you. It’s not much different from starting every subject line with “URGENT. PLEASE READ:” Before long, people will start to tune you out.

Make sure they serve a purpose

On a semi-related note, your emoji usage should have a purpose. Perhaps that means emphasizing something that’s already in writing or substituting words altogether. For example:
“It’s going to ????️ today, so bring an ☂️”

Emojis display differently

Support for emojis differs depending on email client, operating system, and browser. For example, an emoji viewed on Gmail using Google will look different than one on Yahoo Mail using Mozilla Firefox. These differences are reflected based on the receiver’s specs, not yours, so how emojis look on your computer won’t be the same as they look on your contacts’ Here’s an example:
4sn60vd8t screenshot2018 03 29at10.31.12am
suq0uy3h2 screenshot2018 03 29at10.30.58am
And in some rare cases, users with outdated email clients, browsers, or operating systems won’t be able to see the emoji at all. But again, emojis are now near-universally supported.

Using emojis with ActiveCampaign

For the time being, in order to use emojis in your subject lines, you’ll have to copy them from an emoji library and paste them in your subject line.
We recommend using It has every emoji you might want and even shows how an emoji will appear on the receiver’s device.
Alright, that’s all for now ✌️

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