Announcing Deal Owner Personalization Tags

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Our sales manager Adam is really excited about this release

At ActiveCampaign, we believe very strongly in automation’s ability to create meaningful customer relationships. We believe in automating the monotonous by sending personalized messaging at scale.
Today I am very excited to announce a small change that makes a BIG impact in that arena: Deal Owner Personalization Tags.
Starting today, you can now include a contact’s Deal Owner in automated email messaging, to create much more personalized experiences.
This is an often requested feature by anybody that uses the ActiveCampaign Deals CRM with more than one deal owner.
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You are now able to include the following personalization tags:

  • Deal Owner: First name
  • Deal Owner: Last name
  • Deal Owner: Email address

And you will be able to use these personalization tags:

  • In the Sender details from name
  • In the Sender details from email address
  • In the Sender details subject line
  • As a personalization tag in the email designer
  • As a personalization tag in an html email

Deal Owner personalization tags are available today in the plus plan or higher (because you need a deal to have a deal owner). If you have multiple pipelines, open deals, and deal owners, then the Deal Owner personalization tags will select the deal owner for the contact’s most recently created deal.

Pro tips:

  • Customize automated email signatures for a better automation experience for your customers.
  • Use deal owner personalization tags in link urls to have contacts schedule a consultation with their specific rep

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