Announcing Conversations: Engage in Real Time with Customers & Capture It All in ActiveCampaign

Announcing Conversations: Engage in Real Time with Customers & Capture It All in ActiveCampaign

To provide an excellent customer experience, you need to engage your customers at the right time and in the right channel. You also need context. Each interaction you have with a customer matters, and it’s hard to understand a contact’s full history with your business when conversations are happening across multiple channels.

That’s why today we’re excited to introduce Conversations, a multichannel communications tool that lets you engage with your customers in real time and capture those conversations in ActiveCampaign for a seamless, more personalized customer experience.

With live chat, email, and a unified inbox connected to your ActiveCampaign account, every conversation is saved, so you have all the context you need at your fingertips. And because it’s all connected to ActiveCampaign, it’s easy to optimize the experience with automations, finding that right blend of automation and human touch.

You can also take your conversations with you on the go with the Conversations mobile app for iOS and Android.

Learn more about Conversations:

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Use site-based chat to have real-time conversations

Conversations’ live chat feature allows you to engage in real time with leads and customers visiting your website. With live chat connected to your ActiveCampaign account, you can:

Route email into your Conversations inbox

Create a unique, personalized email address that routes email into your Conversations inbox. Use Conversations’ inbound email to:

  • Enable customers and leads visiting your website to start a live chat or go straight into email if they prefer
  • Start a customer conversation over live chat and seamlessly switch to email when it’s convenient
  • Use your unique Conversations email address as a “Reply to” address for your marketing campaign emails, so all customer replies are forwarded to your unified inbox

Take your conversations with you anywhere

A prompt response to a customer inquiry can be the difference between making that sale, resolving an issue, or winning back a customer.

Don’t worry about leaving your customers hanging. With the Conversations mobile app, you can engage in real-time with your customers and leads even while you’re on the go.

Download the Conversations mobile app for iOS and Android to receive instant notifications and respond to chats wherever, whenever.

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More tools and channels coming soon

This is only the beginning. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more channels and functionality, including:

  • Facebook Messenger integration
  • Inbox productivity and efficiency features
  • More automated messaging capabilities

Ready to give Conversations a try?

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