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Announcing new segments
We know how difficult it can be to manage your customers — everything from adding additional tags, understanding the path each customer will take, making sure each customer receives an experience specific to their behaviors…
That’s why we continue to iterate on the ActiveCampaign interface so you can easily manage your customers.
One of the most powerful tools within our platform is the ability to segment contacts. Being able to identify and target specific contacts allows for tailored marketing communications. Allowing you to better connect and engage with your customers. That’s why we’re continuing to add more ways for you to segment your contacts.
Today we are introducing some highly requested functionality and segments, including:

  • ‘Date Created’ segment
  • ‘Has Not Been Sent’ segment
  • ‘Date Updated’ segment
  • ‘Last Order Date’ segment
  • Show/hide empty fields

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Date Created Segment
The “Date Created” segment will allow you to segment and target contacts based on the specific date a Contact was created or entered into the platform. With this new feature:

  • A personal trainer may send an email promotion for a free trial class to new customers
  • A photographer may want to send a reward to customers that have been long-time customers

Date Created segment in platform
Has Not Been Sent Segment
The “Has Not Been Sent” segment will allow users to segment and target contacts based on if they have received a particular email campaign. This is especially useful to prevent email fatigue with your customers. Take for example:

  • A dog grooming shop is running a monthly promotion and wants to send an email campaign only to customers that have not received the promotion
  • An Ecommerce store is having an annual sale and wants to send an email campaign only to customers that have not received the promotion

Has not been sent segment in platform
Date Updated Segment
The “Date Updated” segment allows you to better target your communication with contacts and let’s you see how recently a contact has been updated and engaged with. So, if you want to send a targeted communication to contacts that haven’t been engaged with for one month, now you can!

  • A sales manager wants to identify contacts that have become ‘cold’ so they can direct the team to focus on nurturing the contacts.
  • A sales team member wants to find all contacts that are ‘cold’ and wants to re-engage them by sending out a special promotion campaign.

Image of 'Date Created' segment
Last Order Date Segment
The “Last Order Date” segment condition lives in the Ecommerce category of our segment builder. This condition will find all Contacts whose most recent order from a BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or Shopify Deep Data connection matches the specified date. Now, you can send an email reminding customers that they are about to run out of the product they ordered before they do!
Last Order Date segment in platform
Show/Hide Empty Fields
Show/hide empty fields provides you a more efficient experience by surfacing only populated fields. In addition, this feature provides a streamlined, less cluttered, user interface.
Meaning, you can focus on viewing the information you have about a contact without having to scroll up and down amidst a page full of empty fields. Quickly enabling you to see the the fields that matter.
Show/hide empty fields example in platform
We’re continuing to iterate to make it easier for you to manage your contacts. So, stay tuned as there’s more to come! As always, we’d love to hear your ideas on other ways you’d like to segment your customers at ideas.activecampaign.com or below.
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