ActiveCampaign Brings Customer Experience Automation to 1M Shopify Merchants Worldwide

ActiveCampaign Brings Customer Experience Automation to 1M Shopify Merchants Worldwide

Ecommerce saw incredible growth over 2019, with worldwide online sales reaching $3.5 trillion USD, an increase of approximately 18% from the year before. Shopify helped drive that growth by enabling merchants of all sizes to build online stores and provide great user experiences.

Fresh off the news of our Series B round, the leaders in Customer Experience Automation and ecommerce store management have officially joined forces — with ActiveCampaign’s listing in the Shopify App Store.

With over 90,000 customers across 161 countries, we’re uniquely positioned to bring the first Customer Experience Automation platform to Shopify. This level of personal touch has been missing from ecommerce, and in an increasingly crowded market, businesses need to differentiate themselves when reaching out to customers.

ActiveCampaign & Shopify are simply better together

We love helping users deliver meaningful customer experiences without sacrificing their existing tech stack, and Shopify helps us do just that. Shopify perfectly complements ActiveCampaign by pairing a comprehensive store management system with advanced automation, segmentation, and personalized campaigns. 

This integration benefits users of all sizes across the world. Automate Online, an Australian-based ActiveCampaign agency partner, leverages the Shopify integration for their clients. Whether the client is new to using Shopify and ActiveCampaign or they’re a seasoned expert, each automation and campaign is designed to reach their goals.  

“Depending on a customer’s goals, we create a full suite of automations to manage the customer journey. From an abandoned cart automation to an upsell automation and win-back sequence, we’re dedicated to our customers’ success and trust in the integration’s performance.”

Users like Voice of Hair have noticed measurable benefits from the Shopify/ActiveCampaign integration. We caught up with Brendelyn, the founder of the online community that helps women of color find the best hair products and stylist for them. “I love Shopify, it’s perfect for my business and helps me manage my inventory and track who buys what. ActiveCampaign complements it just how I need it, by adding automation and a personal touch to my outreach, helping me better understand my customers without me spending hours each day crafting an email.” 

This connection provides merchants the opportunity to use their existing tools and processes while improving customer experiences across their brand. We’ve been busy elevating our existing integration to bring the best possible product to Shopify merchants. With the integration, you can add a product block into an email using the campaign builder and send product info from any collection in your Shopify store to a specified audience. You can also use our pre-built automation recipes to kickstart an advanced automation series. The ActiveCampaign ecommerce dashboard helps you track progress towards your goals, providing in-depth metrics like abandoned cart recovery rate, new customers, and more.

Meet Kit, your virtual employee who will recover lost revenue 

Everyone wishes they had more time. We get it. So we added Kit to our Shopify partnership. Exclusive to Shopify users, Kit serves as a helping hand to take care of things you don’t have time for and aims to streamline customer interactions. The app is free to install and easy to use when you simply don’t have the time or resources you need. 

With Kit enabled and paired with ActiveCampaign, you’ll identify gaps in your automation strategy and create workflows based on your needs — while you focus on growing your business. Use the Product Review Kit Skill and turn customers from 1-time shoppers into brand advocates. Send customers an automated review request after they buy and encourage others to purchase your most popular items.

Are your customers adding items to their cart and then getting distracted, navigating away, or forgetting to check out? Don’t let that revenue pass you by! Using the new Abandoned Cart Kit Skill, customers receive an email when they leave items in their cart and fail to finish the purchase. You never know — you could be like Morrow Audio who won back $30,000 in lost revenue using abandoned cart automations with Shopify.

Reach more customers and keep them coming back with Customer Experience Automation

To break through crowded markets, you need to understand your prospects, their behaviors, and what will ultimately drive them to make that first purchase. With ActiveCampaign, set up site tracking and see your prospect’s activity on your website. Nurture them with a recurring email automation sequence and inform them about products they are likely to buy. Meet your prospects where they are with a multi-channel approach of mobile, social, and email so they know your business inside and out when they’re ready to buy.

“ActiveCampaign’s integration with Shopify makes it easy for us to create and implement a customer journey that works for our small business. We utilize the Shopify form integration feature along with automations for a variety of use cases, including party requests and confirmations, wholesale inquiries, newsletter subscriptions, and more. It’s very easy to use and ensures that we have a complete end-to-end customer touchpoint plan.” – Sarah from The Candle Lab

Customers want relevant messages — not a broadcast email that doesn’t apply to them. ActiveCampaign and Shopify help you understand who’s buying what, so you can take action based on specific data and treat each customer as an individual. With advanced segmentation and personalization, you can group customers and prospects based on more than purchase history. Target the right customers with the right messages at the right time, using tools like tagging, conditional content and predictive sending

For your business to grow and scale,  your customers need to come back again and again, spending more each time. ActiveCampaign and Shopify help you to achieve this with advanced automations and product blocks. Make recommendations based on a shopper’s history, and upsell products once they purchase multiple times.

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