Announcing ActiveCampaign Forms for iPad

ActiveCampaign Forms for iPad is the inaugural release from our growing mobile development team. ActiveCampaign Forms for iPad, is designed for anybody that needs to collect leads face-to-face and quickly add them to their CRM and/or automation processes.
Forms was specifically designed for ActiveCampaign users that would like to collect leads either face to face, or from a kiosk. For example;

  • Real estate professionals
  • Restaurants
  • Brick and mortar / retail
  • Service businesses that meet with clients face to face
  • Anybody that attends trade shows or conferences

The Forms application makes it easy to design beautiful branded forms from the iPad. Once a contact submits their information ActiveCampaign can trigger several actions; subscribe a contact to one or more lists, add a tag, add contact to a deal, or email the results.
From within ActiveCampaign, you can then use these actions to trigger an automation to perform all kinds of marketing automation follow-up and organization.
Ready to get started? You can download ActiveCampaign Forms for iPad from the iTunes store right now!
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Simply present your iPad to a contact and have them complete the form you have designed, and they will instantly be added to your ActiveCampaign contact database.
You can design Automations from within the ActiveCampaign interface for the web, that then leverage these submissions to follow-up with them, create a deal, and more.
Creating a new form is easy. Open the application, and tap on the plus button in the upper right corner of the screen. Give your Form a name, and select the primary action you want ActiveCampaign to complete each time the form is submitted. You can add the contact to a list, add the contact to a deal, email the result, or add a tag to the contact.
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Choose a template for your form from an array of pre-built templates, or choose the blank template to build your own form from scratch.
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Customize your form to match your branding by adding images or text blocks, or by changing the background image, colors, fonts and font sizes.
Customize the information you collect from your contacts by adding different form fields; organization, email, phone number, first name, last name, or full name.
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Get started with the ActiveCampaign Forms for iPad by downloading the app to your iPad today.
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PRO TIP: Put your iPad into Guided Access mode to prevent people from closing the ActiveCampaign Forms application. Read more about Guided Access here.

Example Uses for ActiveCampaign Forms for iPad

To help kick-start your creativity and demonstrate a few things that are possible, here are a few examples I have put together.

Real estate professional

  • Leave the pen at home, and request contact information from open house visitors. Quickly export a list of contacts from ActiveCampaign interface. or notify a buyer of the number of leads on the property.
  • Automatically follow-up with contacts that have indicated that they are not working with a buyer’s agent, letting the contact know why they should choose to work with you, and offering them a list of similar properties.
  • Create segments to let open house guests know as soon as there is an offer on a home they visited, in order to drive interest and create higher bids.

Restaurant or Retail

  • Set up a kiosk in your dining room floor, allowing a user to submit their information in exchange for a coupon. Build an automation that sends them a coupon that they can use that day
  • Replace your paper comment cards with an iPad kiosk. Automatically follow-up with any customer that had a negative experience. Follow-up with contacts that have had a positive experience asking them for a public review on a local directory like Yelp or Google Maps.

Trade Show Sweepstakes

  • Have contacts enter their contact information for a chance to be submitted for a drawing at your next conference or trade show. Much more professional than a fishbowl of business cards!
  • Automatically follow-up with contacts that filled out the form via email or SMS during the conference whenever you are having special demonstrations, your speaker is presenting, or you are announcing the winner of the drawing.

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