Announcing Abandoned Cart: Catch Customers Before They Leave

Announcing Abandoned Cart: Catch Customers Before They Leave
Abandoned cart start trigger

More than 75% of consumers abandon a cart when shopping online. That means as an ecommerce company there is a lot of potential revenue left on the table. But it doesn’t have to. Statistics show that when shoppers receive an email about their abandoned cart, more than 10% complete their purchase.
That’s why we’re launching our abandoned cart functionality, making it easier for you to automate your abandoned cart emails, ultimately increasing your sales. Starting today, we’ve enhanced our Shopify Deep Data integrations so Shopify users can initiate cart abandonment emails and build out automations to encourage customers to complete their purchase.
We’ve built our ActiveCampaign abandoned cart so you can trigger a new automation showing abandoned cart product data, segment users based on seven conditions, and view abandoned cart data in the contact profile.

Our integration with Shopify is just the beginning. Stay tuned as we work to expand to additional ecommerce platforms with deep data integrations.
To dig into how how to get started with our abandoned cart feature, read our help documentation. We’ll walk you through:

  • How to set up abandoned cart reminders for your store
  • A new automation trigger—and 7 ways to segment based on abandoned cart conditions
  • Exactly where to find abandoned cart data for each contact

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Want some help getting started? You can book a free, one-on-one walkthrough with our team. We can walk you through set-up, what to send, and how to build abandoned cart reminders into your marketing strategy.

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