Announcing 50,000 Customers

Announcing 50,000 Customers

Back in 2013, we doubled down on marketing automation and making ActiveCampaign a place where people could do more than just email marketing. At the time, marketing automation was in its infancy (and we already had some automated functionality) but making the transition over was a big shift for us.

Today, I’m pleased to share that we’ve surpassed 50,000 customers. That’s real, paying, actual customers (companies) and not some vanity metric.

Back in 2013 when we made the transition, we had less than 2,000 customers. Those 2,000 customers helped us make the transition successful, spread the word, and give us feedback so we could build the platform that would shape the future of marketing automation.

At that time, we also made the decision to stayed focused on providing a platform for SMBs. Oftentimes, businesses use SMBs as a launchpad to get to bigger businesses, but as a small business, we knew the impact ActiveCampaign could have on other small businesses. We kept and continue to keep our pricing and our product both accessible and usable for small teams.

In supporting small businesses, we focus on giving our customers not only a platform to create better experiences for their customers but for them as well. Something that they can start with and will take them all the way through the marketing automation process, yet flexible so they can customize it for their individual business. This allows our customers to find the right touch points through their customers’ journey to add their own personal touch when the time is right.

We’ll continue to iterate to provide our customers with an easy-to-use platform that goes beyond marketing automation but we couldn’t be more thankful for those who have helped us get to where we are today.

We’re excited about the future as we expand our marketing automation capabilities throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Interested in joining us to help build beyond marketing automation? We’re hiring!

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