Source code… Some people have no need while others live off of being able to access the source, make adjustments, and work with the product source directly.
We develop software to extend your business, improve your operations, and ultimately help you succeed.  With each new update we are constantly thinking about how you could further utilize & customize the solution to fit your specific needs.  From our central language file, Smarty template files, CSS files, and more you have been able to customize & tweak our products.
We have a lot of changes taking place here with 1-2-All 5.0, the latest version of KB just released, and SupportTrio 3.0 in development.  As part of these new updates we are also implementing a very significant change… Including full source code with all of our products.  That means there are no more zend or ioncube requirements.  Our commitment to ensure security of our intellectual property does remain – but we have managed to come up with a solution that forms a great balance between licensing and being able to customize the product as much as you would like.  As of today all products are now available with the source included.
We hope you will find this change and our future changes to benefit you and if you should have any feedback at any time please let us know!