Once you have created a survey, and have either deployed it via email, or setup the survey to be taken from your website, it’s then time to enjoy the reporting features that the application has to offer. This applies to both the downloadable Survey Software package and our hosted survey service.
By browsing to the Reports->Create Report section of Survey Software , you are first prompted with several options for creating your own custom reports. Here you specify the Report name, and the Survey that you would like to include within that Report. You can also Copy Settings from any report already in the system, saving time in the setup of Report Options such as Header and Footer displays.
Within the Reports we can take our collected survey responses and display them in tabular format, Flash Graphs, and email them to other interested parties.
Tabular formatting of the responses is the default view when you open your newly created report. This view gives you detailed information on how many responses are attempted, as well as non-attempted allowing for a broad overview on a questions popularity with your audience. Here you can also find the percentages of answers based on your question types, also giving a general overview on the responses that your attempted answers generated.
There are 3 different types of Flash Graphs that you can use to view your report data. These types can be switched by changing the Graph Style Type dropdown at the top of your page. Switching the type of graphs that are used to display your question response data is as easy as using the graph button menu. When these options are used, your report is automatically updated to reflect the new Report Style and the data associated with your question.
Report Options allow even further customization of your Reports. Here you can setup exactly how you want your report to look by adding custom header and footer graphics and HTML, as well as specify exactly what information you want to make public, and what you want to keep private.
Once you have your Report setup exactly as you would like, you can send that report to your business colleagues for them to analyze. This is accomplished by using the Share Report button on the main Reports page. Your shared reports can have customized email content inserted at the time of sending.
The Advanced Reporting in Survey Software doesn’t end only in the Reports section of the application. There is also the entire Analyze Responses section available from the Survey List Dropdown menus. Here you can download CSV files containing either all of your respondents information, or download each individuals responses separately.
With all of the options that are available you can be sure that Survey Software can provide you with the facts needed when analyzing and reporting any of your survey types.