Adding subscribers to ActiveCampaign can be done in many ways, including importing, database sync, subscription forms, and using the API.
We’ve just established another simple way to add subscribers if you are an Unbounce user. Unbounce makes promotion-specific landing pages extremely easy to set up and monitor, and this integration lets you add new leads directly into ActiveCampaign.
For example, if your Unbounce landing page has a form submission section (for lead capture), you can automatically save the name and email address in ActiveCampaign as a new subscriber!
Here is an example Unbounce landing page with a form that collects a visitor’s name and email address:
Screenshot of Unbounce landing page
Once the person submits the form, their name and email are added to ActiveCampaign as a new subscriber:
Screenshot of Unbounce form submitted
Screenshot of ActiveCampaign subscribers page
Please see our help section for further information, and also the blog post and knowledgebase article on Unbounce.