ActiveSpell – Free AJAX Spell Checker

You may have noticed in some of our products (such as SupportTrio) we are adding a new spell checker. Originally using the spell checker Ajax-Spell we decided to take this one step further and start branching the development of our own spell checker into ActiveSpell. We reached an agreement with Ajax-Spell and ActiveSpell 1.0 was created. While you will not see a large number of differences between Ajax-Spell and ActiveSpell at this time – we have an extensive road map we will be covering in the near future. Part of the roadmap is to allow better integration with the product line and reduce the resources / bloat such scripts can have on certain servers.

So what does this mean for you? Better AJAX spell checking will be rolled out into all ActiveCampaign products in the near future and we will be offering ActiveSpell for FREE under the LGPL license.

You can download ActiveSpell here.

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  • Kevin Smith

    This sounds pretty exciting overall. I’d like to have some more instructions on how to get ActiveSpell working with the current SupportTrio on a Debian Linux installation 2ith 2.60 SupportTrio in my case. I’ve read through some of the docs but nothing seems to come out and give you all the steps you need to get going easily. Sorry if I am a newbie here but this is a bit developer centric to get going. I’ll post in the Forums my details.

  • SupportTrio 2.60 has ActiveSpell built-in. The option to enable spell checking is on the “Settings” page. The option will only be displayed if you have PSPELL support configured with your PHP.

  • Kevin Smith

    Ok that is good to know as maybe I missed that tidbit somewhere. That leads me still the to the Forum post for the steps to getting PSPELL support configured. Do you have a favorite link or explicit steps that can be shared?

  • is going to be the best resource for PSPELL configuration.

    If you are trying to set it up in a WIN32 environment you may want to checkout

  • Kevin Smith

    Thanks Jason. That was the samelink I used actually from my Forum post that was mirrored to another site. It is all a bit too technical and circular in nature to really know how to figure it out easily IMO.

    We are using Linux and a Debian install. What I noticed is that in the tested and unstable branches of Debian they seem to have a specific PSPELL module, php4-pspell (4:5.1.2-1). Have you had any experience with this?

    This might take the work out of this completely with having to re-compile PHP which seems to be a requirement in order for this to work after it is determined what libraries and sub products are really needed. If a re-compile of PHP is not needed then let me know.

  • I do not have any experience with Debian. But you should be ok by just installing aspell ( might help ) and enabling the pspell extension ( might help)