You may have noticed in some of our products (such as SupportTrio) we are adding a new spell checker. Originally using the spell checker Ajax-Spell we decided to take this one step further and start branching the development of our own spell checker into ActiveSpell. We reached an agreement with Ajax-Spell and ActiveSpell 1.0 was created. While you will not see a large number of differences between Ajax-Spell and ActiveSpell at this time – we have an extensive road map we will be covering in the near future. Part of the roadmap is to allow better integration with the product line and reduce the resources / bloat such scripts can have on certain servers.
So what does this mean for you? Better AJAX spell checking will be rolled out into all ActiveCampaign products in the near future and we will be offering ActiveSpell for FREE under the LGPL license.
You can download ActiveSpell here.