Have you ever had the need to combine data from ActiveCampaign with other web-based services? For example, let’s say you’d like new ActiveCampaign subscribers to be added to Capsule CRM, or new Highrise users to be added to ActiveCampaign as new subscribers – automatically.
Before, this required an investment in programming both endpoints to communicate seamlessly, which can require additional resources and become expensive.
We also offer a manual, one-way subscriber import process, but that only fetches subscribers from one direction.
Zapier logo
Zapier makes it super easy to create connections to other services and share data between them.
With ActiveCampaign as an available service, you can now easily capture new subscribers and push them into any other available service.
Screenshot of Zapier
Screenshot of Zapier
You can also automatically create new subscribers as a result of something happening in another service.
Screenshot of Zapier
Screenshot of Zapier
This can allow you to create some very powerful automations that save you a lot of time.

Other Ideas

Some other cool things you might try:

  • Add new customers from PayPal or Stripe to an ActiveCampaign list.
  • Get IM alerts for new ActiveCampaign subscribers.

We are planning to extend our available “triggers” to include any number of useful data endpoints, such as “Campaign Sent,” “New User,” “Unsubscriber,” etc. If you have ideas for new triggers, please let us know!
We also have a help document with more extensive instructions and screenshots.