ActiveCampaign + WordPress

Did you know you can easily embed your custom designed subscription forms onto your WordPress site without any coding experience? Our WordPress plugin makes it very easy to display your ActiveCampaign form on your site so visitors can sign up to your email list. You simply select the form you want to display, and it automatically appears on your site exactly how it is designed in ActiveCampaign.

Screenshot of WordPress site

Start by creating a new form under the “Integration” section of ActiveCampaign:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign

Next, set the desired width for your form so it fits inside your WordPress sidebar:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign

If you’d like your visitors to be redirected back to your WordPress site after submitting the form, just update the form settings to use your own URL:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign

In WordPress, install the plugin and choose the form you want to display:

Screenshot of WordPress Widgets section

If you ever make changes to your form design in ActiveCampaign, just use the “Refresh” option of the WordPress widget:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign widget

That’s it! No copying and pasting HTML around – just select your form and you’re done.

For more information and documentation, see our help page.

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  • This is awesome, is it also available as a shortcode for those of us who want to put the signup form somewhere other than a widgetized space? (for example, below the page content)

  • Eugeni

    Nice. Is it available for download version?

  • Silvio

    When can we expect this in the download version?

  • MattThommes

    Hi – it should work fine with the On-Site edition (5.4+). We will also look in to adding a shortcode for it, so it can be placed in other sections of the site. Thanks!

  • Dave Newgass

    Can I use the same form from Aweber and just change something in the WordPress admin area so I can keep the custom look and feel of my online form?

    • MattThommes

      Hi Dave, do you have a form in Aweber that you want to copy to ActiveCampaign? Otherwise I am not understanding what you are asking – this feature only works with ActiveCampaign subscription forms.