6 Ways to Grow Your Business in ActiveCampaign (in 10 Minutes or Less)

6 Ways to Grow Your Business in ActiveCampaign (in 10 Minutes or Less)

If you do one of these tips for 10 minutes every day this week, you can grow your business (and still rest up on Sunday).

Sometimes it can feel like there are a hundred little things to take care of — and half the challenge of taking care of them is understanding exactly what you need to get done to check them off the to-do list.

That’s why we put together this list — fast wins that you can set up in ActiveCampaign. Wins that you can set up once and benefit from forever.

Here are 6 actions you can take (1 each day for a week) to ignite your business growth:

  1. Import and follow-up with old prospects
  2. Re-engage past customers who haven’t purchased recently
  3. Reward existing contacts who refer new contacts
  4. Use a website popup to offer a time-boxed offer on your homepage
  5. Add a sign-up button to your Facebook business page
  6. Easily import opted-in contacts from a CSV

1. Import and follow-up with old prospects

Some of the prospects your business interacts with don’t become customers right away. But you can use ActiveCampaign to import a list of old prospect contacts and use marketing automation to follow-up with them.

In ActiveCampaign, you can import contacts from:

  1. A CSV file
  2. Copy and paste a list
  3. Move contacts from a third-party integration

If you have a CSV list of contacts who are old prospects, you can learn how to easily import them to start sending follow-up emails with the help of this tutorial video.

This video will take you through the steps of importing old prospects to follow-up. It covers:

  • Importing contacts via a CSV file
  • Mapping your custom fields
  • Adding a tag to those imported contacts

Learn how to import and follow-up with old prospects now now!

2. Re-engage past customers who haven’t purchased recently

Every customer you have in your contact list is different. Some might be frequent website visitors who buy from your business on a regular basis. Others might only buy occasionally, and some may have only bought once.

Your less-engaged customers are not necessarily uninterested in buying from you again – sometimes they just need a little reminder or an incentive to take the next steps.

A customer who buys and then shows little to no activity for 30+ days is a good candidate for re-engagement.

To re-engage past customers, you can use ActiveCampaign marketing automation recipes to:

  • Ask for feedback on a past purchase
  • Upsell and cross-sell new products to enhance the customer experience
  • Remind them to re-purchase a previously-purchased or updated product
  • Request a company review
  • Send an incentive to engage again

One marketing automation recipe you can use to re-engage past customers who haven’t purchased recently is the Reminder to Repurchase Email Automation Recipe.

oss7r4qi3 acmp 7mwa6bwmo remindertorepurchaseYou can use automation recipes to send a reminder to re-purchase email to disengaged customers.

3. Reward existing contacts who refer new contacts

As a business, you have many options for lead generation, like:

  • Social media advertising
  • Paid search advertising
  • SEO-optimized content
  • Limited-time promotions
  • Website CTAs
  • Free trials

One more way to help find new contacts is to use the contacts you already have – and the way to do that is to reward existing contacts who refer new contacts.

You can do this by offering an incentive – like a discount promo code – for customers who refer new contacts in an email. ActiveCampaign automation recipes help you do that.

Offering an email forward incentive to your current customers:

  • Encourages customers to promote your business
  • Helps you grow your email list when new contacts opt-in
  • Converts more new contacts to customers

It’s a chain of conversions:

  • You send an email that contains a coupon incentive to a current customer with a CTA to forward the email to a new referral.
  • That customer uses their incentive coupon and forwards the email to a new contact
  • The new contact opts-in, and maybe receives a first-time customer discount code, and then…

Voila! More conversions – and increased revenue – for your business. Even better, the ActiveCampaign Email Forward Incentive Automation Recipe helps you send these email incentives easily.

zpvl8jgz9 acmp y6z61nbim needhelpThe Email Forward Incentive Automation Recipe exists to help you encourage referrals from your current customers. Learn how to easily import it!

48% of consumers say they’re more likely to make a purchase sooner than normal so that they can use a coupon. Take advantage of your current customer list and send out coupons to incentivize new customer referrals.

4. Use a website popup to offer a time-boxed offer on your homepage

Your homepage is often the first place a new contact lands on your website, and you want it to be a good first impression.

It’s natural to think that the last thing you probably want on your homepage is a pop-up to collect email addresses. Pop-ups can feel annoying and invasive, and when they aren’t well-done, they can be. But a good pop-up can have a very positive impact on your conversions.

y806zsaua c28ca988 916a 4a85 b6c6 9eb1d1e3536aEven the most average pop-ups still see a conversion rate of 3.1%. Pop-ups work. (Source: Sumo)

You can use a website popup to offer a time-boxed offer on your homepage – and ActiveCampaign can help you.

A time-boxed pop-up form on your homepage can help fuel lead generation and grow conversion for your business.

yie1lq7sp formsIn ActiveCampaign, you can create the pop-up style you want from 4 form options.

This resource, “How to Collect Emails: 15 Proven Ways to Grow Your Email List,” can tell you how to create a pop-up form that doesn’t disrupt the customer experience and scare conversions away.

For instance, you can set them to appear based on certain conditions, like:

  • You can set a time limit to trigger pop-up appearance after 30 seconds, instead of right when someone lands on your homepage
  • You can set pop-ups to appear after someone scrolls down 50% of the page, giving people time to peruse

Give your business growth a little *pop*.

5. Add a sign-up button to your Facebook business page

For small business growth actions that you can complete in 1 day, adding a sign-up button to your Facebook business page is a no-brainer.

Gone are the days when social media was just a place to interact with friends and family – today, it’s a huge opportunity to give your business visibility.

ts85orp1 image2020 04 22at11.15.22amThis resource shows you exactly what that can look like.

According to Sprout Social, Facebook shows big increases in business revenue. In the 3rd quarter of 2019, it generated $17.65 billion in total revenue. Most of this came from 7 million advertisers – AKA businesses like yours.

You can start reaping the revenue rewards by adding a sign-up button to your Facebook business page to find more customers.

6. Easily import opted-in contacts from a CSV file

Congratulations! You have a list of opted-in contacts and are ready to start sending them automated emails in ActiveCampaign.

How do you get them all into ActiveCampaign? It’s easier than you think.

If you’re coming from another provider, you may have exported lists of contacts that you need to organize in ActiveCampaign. This help guide about importing opted-in contacts to your ActiveCampaign account from a CSV file takes you through the process.

fif6b96iw 51b752e9 fa4d 4531 b018 323cba7a23e8In the Contacts view, find the “Import” button to choose your import style and the rest is a piece of cake.

It covers:

  • The one unique identifier each contact requires to be counted in the import
  • How to prepare your CSV file for import

A CSV file may sound intimidating, but all it is is a plain text file. Since they are plain text, they are good to use for importing things like contact lists into the platform you use.

Conclusion: Navigate ActiveCampaign with Success!

Our ActiveCampaign Customer Success team is here to help you be as successful as possible while using our platform. They can help:

  • Migrate your contacts to the platform
  • Recommend automation recipes
  • Help you with email templates, building forms, and recreating your existing automation flows
  • Direct you to help guides and other useful ActiveCampaign content

ActiveCampaign Success is here to provide you with strategic recommendations or answer questions about the platform. Whatever your business goals are, we can help!

If you want help getting set up in your ActiveCampaign account, you can schedule a 30-minute 1:1 training with an ActiveCampaign Success team member.

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