ActiveCampaign: Revolutionizing “working and typing”!

ActiveCampaign: Revolutionizing “working and typing”!

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At ActiveCampaign we are passionate about a lot of things – our customers, our product, our values…kombucha – but for those of us who are parents we are passionate about nothing more than our kids! Which is why I was so excited to participate in Bring your Kid to Work day. It gave me and all the parents here a chance to show our kids where we go everyday to work (and type). It was heartwarming to give them a little taste of our day. Okay, fine, so we don’t always eat donuts for breakfast, take yoga breaks and leave at 2pm…but they got the general idea.
The intention of the day was to provide a variety of activities for kids of all age ranges. We are a product company that loves technology so we wanted to be able to provide the kids STEM related activities to give them a taste of what we love. But just as our brains have two sides, so did the activities list. So, AC employees volunteered to teach the kids other things they were passionate about like art, yoga, and music!

“I wanna be a Rockstar when I grow up!” – Charlotte, Robert’s daughter

In one room, the kids created their own musical composition on a laptop with various instruments. In another they decorated their own t-shirts with fabric crayons. They worked together to create a mosaic of what they thought their parents did (or drew aliens!), and took GIF selfies.
At ActiveCampaign, we strive for constant improvement and we value honest opinions. Who’s better to get candid feedback from than children? So we set up a no-judgement video testimonials area and allowed the kids to come over and tell their parents what they really thought and give them some career advice.

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With so much activity, it’s important to stay limber. So the kids grabbed mats, gathered in the game room, and stretched out their limbs with some mid-day yoga.
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All this activity left the kids pretty hungry, so everyone headed into the cafeteria for chicken nuggets and fries – which were aggressively gulped down by kids and parents alike.
This was followed by some afternoon building with blocks, LEGOs, books and every other stackable item in sight. After some light App programming and Cafe tag, it was getting late. It was 2:00pm, and time to clock out. The kids gathered in the cafeteria one last time to say goodbye to their new friends both young and old. And just like celebrities leaving an awards show, they each collected some special gift bags. But instead of trivial luxury items, they received things to continue to build and nurture their curiosity.
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The kids had a ton of fun, and I’m pretty sure the adults did too. Three months later, my daughter Charlotte is still bugging me about when next year’s day will be!

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