How ActiveCampaign and LiveAgent Work Together

How ActiveCampaign and LiveAgent Work Together

This post was contributed by Andrej Csizmadia of LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a customer support solution that’s helping a large number of businesses around the globe to give the best customer service for their clients. What started out as a simple help desk software became a much more powerful tool for any support agent who uses it.

LiveAgent became a solution useful not just for customer support teams but also for marketing and sales teams. Its capabilities started growing with new tools, like:

  • Excellent phone support with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) trees
  • Powerful, fast live chat widget (the fastest on the market!)
  • The ability to provide support even through social media like Instagram (which is still a rarity amongst the competition)

LiveAgent helps a large number of companies and institutions like Huawei, Yamaha, O2, and Oxford University. With that in mind, LiveAgent gives its software customers necessary integrations to improve their customer’s workflow. One of the newest additions is the ActiveCampaign integration.

What can you do with an ActiveCampaign integration for LiveAgent?

ActiveCampaign is a great marketing automation software with many helpful capabilities. You might be asking yourself, “What’s the purpose of integrating this kind of software with a help desk solution?”

ActiveCampaign integration lets you manage your emails directly from your LiveAgent dashboard. This can be highly beneficial for smaller businesses that don’t have the means to have separate customer support, marketing, and sales teams. When you and your team have to wear multiple different hats, you can take care of everything from one software solution without being worried about clogging your computer with too much complicated software.

In situations like that, automation can be critical to one’s success because it saves a lot of valuable time you can use for different tasks, like manually replying to customers or taking care of necessary things like billing and invoicing.

LiveAgent’s ticketing system will keep you informed about customer inquiries via tickets coming from all channels. Its pre-built features like filters, mass actions, contacts, or even internal tickets help you with this and more to get your workflow to the next level. At the same time, you can handle your email marketing automation whenever you need to without switching to another software – and handle many functions from one place.

One of such functions is Tags.


Tags in LiveAgent are exactly what they sound like. Their purpose is to tag specific clients and they can be customized to your liking. Whether it’s by a particular niche interest, hobby, age group, work area, or anything else, you can use a tag to recognize where that client belongs. After that, you can use this information to better tailor the email experience for your clients and send them the relevant stuff they might be interested in.

ta397448m activecampaign liveagent tagsAdding tags in LiveAgent with ActiveCampaign.

Simply type the name of a tag, hit Enter and it will be created. After that, you can select it from the same field and add as many as you need.

Keep track of email reactions

Furthermore, you can take advantage of tracking capabilities. You can find out how many opens, subscriptions and link clicks you have on specific email campaigns and later customize them according to these data.

To try it out yourself, go to your ActiveCampaign account and send out a test campaign. Fill out all the necessary details and create your custom campaign with the editor.

zgw9ha1h liveagent dashboardAn email campaign in ActiveCampaign with LiveAgent.

After you send out the campaign, have a look at your dashboard and check your contacts. The contact is added to your list. If your contact sent you a reply, you can see it in your LiveAgent dashboard with information about subscription, active automation for that contact, and more in the right panel.

7rpsr0pid liveagent3The LiveAgent dashboard.

Notes and tasks

If you get a reply to one of your email campaigns from a potential client you might want to remember that customer for future reference. You can do so with notes and tasks. Set a reminder task for future contact in LiveAgent and do it when it’s relevant. You can also keep a note to remember important details you might take advantage of in your next campaign. The possibilities are up to you and your creativity.

mouyph4y unnamed3Create notes and tasks like team reminders.

Simply click on the relevant ticket and click on Notes. Afterward, you can write any important information you want to keep for you and your colleagues.

How difficult is it to integrate ActiveCampaign with LiveAgent?

Not difficult at all! The setup process is quite simple and fast. All you need to start is both ActiveCampaign and LiveAgent set up and working. Here’s how the integration works in three simple steps.

1. First, you go to your LiveAgent account and you open up Configuration. Go to System and then to the Plugins section. You can see the entire list of available integrations. Find ActiveCampaign and click Activate. LiveAgent will restart after this.

2. Next click on Configuration, the cogwheel icon, and enter the name of your ActiveCampaign URL into the empty field. Next, you’ll need an API key.

l28wbrjpo activecampaign plugin configuration

3. Open ActiveCampaign and go to Settings > Developer and find API Access. Copy the API key from there and paste it into the API field in LiveAgent’s configuration window.

8y5rt2fbi activecampaign api setup

That’s it! When you’re done, you can simply keep on working from LiveAgent while still tracking your ActiveCampaign email campaigns.

LiveAgent on its own is a powerful customer support software meant to help businesses of any size and budget. It can help you with customer support on eCommerce websites and combined with a powerful tool like ActiveCampaign it might be just the solution you need for your website. If LiveAgent caught your interest, feel free to have a look at their website or ask a question directly.

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