ActiveCampaign is now the First International Marketing Tool to accept payments in Real (R$)

ActiveCampaign is now the First International Marketing Tool to accept payments in Real (R$)

Our History in Brazil

Founded in 2003 in Chicago, ActiveCampaign has always sought to accelerate the growth of all companies with a platform designed for an ideal customer experience. Today, ActiveCampaign is the market leader in customer experience automation with more than 120,000 customers in 170 countries using our platform to grow their companies.

Brazil, curiously, was one of the first international countries in which we had gifts. 7 years ago. This makes our relationship with Brazilians even more special as it was one of the markets that bet on our value proposition and commitment to the customer experience.

It is because of this affection and care for the experience of Brazilian customers that we are giving more and more attention to their needs and dedicating more resources – in support, success, marketing, and sales – to ensure that all our customers and partners are successful with our product.

And the most important part of this process is enabling our customers to pay in their preferred currency, with local cards and without tax on financial transactions or having to deal with the fluctuation of the dollar.

We are the First International Marketing Tool to accept payments in Reais (R$)

Now, when you sign up for ActiveCampaign you can use local cards, without having to think about the dollar variation or additional taxes on financial transactions (IOF).

Why allow payment in Reais (R$)

We know that hiring a foreign tool in Brazil is not a simple task:

  • There is a fluctuation in the dollar, so it is difficult to predict the value when hiring. And this used to cause great discomfort to our customers.
  • Often, the user will have to obtain or hire an international card for the purchase, causing barriers at the time of purchase.
  • Finally, there is a charge for taxes on financial transactions (IOF) when this type of situation occurs, increasing the final cost.

To prevent Brazilian users from these situations, we have invested in a large financial operation where ActiveCampaign will manage the bureaucracy and allow it to be very easy for the Brazilian customer to hire our tool.

How do I migrate to payment in Reais (R$)?

If you are not yet a customer

Simply follow the normal purchasing process. We will take care of all the bureaucracy for you.

If you are already a customer

We created a step by step if you want to make this change, just access this article.

Our commitment to you

ActiveCampaign is the only Customer Experience Automation (CXA) tool on the market. That is, we go beyond automating e-mails, we seek to evolve the entire customer experience.

Our four pillars of CXA are powerful because they allow you to:

  • Orchestrate: make your existing toolkits exponentially more effective by connecting them to the broader set of customer data;
  • Segment: Track buyer’s preferences, behavior, and various personalized attributes across the customer’s lifecycle;
  • Personalize: use data from the entire customer life cycle to choose the best content, shipping times, and delivery channels for each user;
  • Automate: analyze all customer information, highlight what works best for each individual and help improve your shipping strategy in real-time, based on customer behavior.

That is why we are being so transparent about our intentions in Brazil and evolving day by day in the direction of providing you with a better experience with our product, service, and service.

Thank you for being with us!

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